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What happens when two plumbers spend about 4 hours at your house? You end up with pots in your front yard.

toilets in yard

The good news is that nobody can actually see this part of our yard from the road so it doesn’t look quite as hickish as it seems. Charlie will be breaking these up and putting them in the trash little by little.

We’ve lived in our house for over 24 years and when we moved in these colorful bathroom fixtures were in vogue. The problem is that over the years the seats have started to deteriorate and since they are old and such odd colors we can’t get replacements for them. The only solution was to replace them with new models.

New pedestal sink and toilet

New pedestal sink and toilet

In our powder room we also replaced the sink since the previous one matched the navy blue toilet. We figured it would look a little funny to have mismatched colors.

new powder room sink

A plus about getting new toilets is that they use much less water than the old ones and that is good for the environment.

On another note I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m having a minor outpatient surgery today. The surgery is in the afternoon so I might not be around to read blogs all day. I’ve been having problems with peripheral neuropathy for many months and I will be having a biopsy done on my effected nerves. The hope is that the doctor will be able to prescribe new drugs that will get rid of or at least improve the neuropathy. I would appreciate all the POTP you can send my way to help calm my nerves over the procedure (and hopefully get some relief for my messed up nerves too).

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