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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. Today I’m combining two blog hops into one post. First up is Wild Bird Wednesday.

Wild Bird Wednesday

It’s the time of the year when our yard birds are strengthening their pair bonds or finding new mates. Northern Cardinals are year round residents in our yard. Here is a picture I captured last year of a male feeding a female.

Mr Mrs Cardinal feeding

Another of our year round residents is the American Goldfinch.

goldfinches at feeder 3

They don’t have much color at this time of year but eventually the males will be a brilliant yellow.

Now on to Hooking on Hump Day! A while ago I did a post about a blue bird I crocheted from the Holiday Crochet magazine.

Holiday Crochet - Love of Crochet - cover

I have been happy working with the Knit Picks CotLin™ yarn for these projects. I’ve had the cardinal done since before Christmas but I’m just getting around to show it to you now.

crochet cardinal - front view

The cardinal includes a little felt piece on its face that I sewed on.

crochet cardinal - side view

The pattern is very easy to follow and it works up quickly. There are four parts to each bird, the body, tail and two wings.

crochet cardinal - back view

You can see where I added the hanging loop at the back of the head. It is a good place to balance from and hangs very well.

Next up is the goldfinch.

crochet goldfinch - side view

The goldfinch also has a piece of felt sewn on top of his head. One thing I did differently from the pattern were the wings and tail. The pattern calls for you to use yellow and black to create the wings but since I’m more of a realist and a goldfinch doesn’t have gold on their wings I just did them in black. To add the white bars I embroidered those using white floss.

crochet goldfinch - back view

As you can see from the back view I also added some embroidery to the tail.

I hope you enjoyed this mash up of blog hops that I’m calling Hooking on Wild Bird Hump Day! What a great way to combine two of my loves.

Reminder for Boyz Only!

Guys Day logo

Don’t forget to get your zoomie pictures to Walter. If you want to participate send a picture of you zooming around anywhere real fast. You could also send me a link to a video you have on YouTube or any other host. It can be indoors or out, on snow or grass. It doesn’t really matter since in Blogville there are no seasons. You can email your picture or link to video to cindywelch(AT)rochester(DOT)rr(DOT)com. The dead lion is just a couple of days away. Please have them to us by March 20th. Any species can participate!

If you want to find out more of the Guys Day events pop over to Frankie and Ernie’s place for more information.

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Wild Bird Wednesday

I know what you are thinking. Why is she posting Wild Bird Wednesday on Tuesday? Well the Wild Bird Wednesday blog hop is hosted in Australia so if I wait to post on Wednesday the blog hop is at least half over by the time my post goes up so here it is.

Well earlier this week I showed you how our Bluebirds and Blue jay fared during our most recent snow storm. Here is a look at a few of our other visitors to our meal worm feeder this past Sunday. The weather might not be very spring like but the bird activity indicates that spring is in the air.

Mr. Cardinal waits his turn and then feeds his mate.

Mr. Cardinal waits his turn and then feeds his mate.

The cardinals are exhibiting common pair bonding behavior by having the male feed the female. I love watching them do this and hope to catch it on video someday too.

An American Robin samples the worms.

An American Robin samples the worms.

This is the second year we have ever had robins using the meal worm feeder. These (there are two of them) are early arrivals and seemed to have staked a claim to our yard. With the ground covered with snow there isn’t much for them to feed on so they welcome the meal worms too. Once their usual feeding supplies become available the robins stop using the dried meal worms.

Who put this snow drift on our feeder?

Who put this snow drift on our feeder?

One of my favorite birds in our yard is the tufted titmouse. They are so fast that it can be a challenge to catch them in a picture.

For those of you that are curious, we have been feeding dried meal worms for many years with great success. Some people will tell you that bluebirds won’t use them but ours love them and later in the season bring their young to the feeding platform. As you can see we have many other species of birds using the feeder too.

If you are interested in getting some we purchase ours from DriedInsects.com. You can’t beat the price of the 11 pound bag especially if you order more than one (there is usually free shipping too). Most local stores only sell small bags that cost much more per pound. You might go that route if you wanted to give it a try but if you think you will be using them for the entire feeding season I would recommend the large bag. We go through two to three 11 pound bags per feeding season which runs from March to September.

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Wild Bird Wednesday and will take some time to stop by the blog hop host too.

Note: the pictures above were all taken through a window so the quality isn’t quite up to par. Even with a long lens I can’t get this close without spooking most of the birds away nor did I want to sit out in the cold to get these. 😉

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