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Hi everyone, it’s Cindy here. Normally I don’t talk about my Etsy shop much but with the holidays fast approaching I thought now was the time.

Cindys Thread Craft 175  x 175 banner

In addition to the custom bags and purses I also sell custom pet toys. Did you sign up for the Jazzi’s gift exchange and want to find something special for your exchange partner? There are toys available for both dogs and cats.

Small, Medium, and Large Dog Bone Toys

Small, Medium, and Large
Dog Bone Toys

Dog bones are available in three sizes and can be personalized with almost anything you would like to say. Each bone is made of fleece fabric with machine embroidery embellishment and includes a squeaker inside.  You can also add a paw print or cluster of hearts if room allows.

Add a paw print or cluster of hearts

Add a paw print or cluster of hearts

So far I have only received rave reviews from satisfied customers of my fleece dog bones.

Hafiz loves his squeaky bone!

Hafiz loves his squeaky bone!

Don’t worry the kitties are not to be left out. There are three different styles of cat toy available.

Catnip Filled Cat Toys

Catnip Filled Cat Toys

Each cat toy is made of fleece fabric with machine embroidery embellishment and includes catnip inside. Choose a ready made item from the shop or request a custom order to have any toy made in a wide variety of available fleece colors.

Mayor Madi enjoying her fish toy

Mayor Madi enjoying her fish toy

I have also received only rave reviews on my catnip toys. As you can see our esteemed Mayor Madi enjoyed a fish I sent her a while ago.

Kip gets kicking with a bird toy

Kip gets kicking with a bird toy

And some cats enjoy them so much they are too fast to focus on.

All pet toys ship via first class postage, including international shipments, to keep costs down. Some international orders can take about 4 – 5 weeks for delivery so please plan accordingly.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to Cindy’s Thread Craft and check out the Pet Toy section. You can also visit my Cindy’s Thread Craft blog where you will find a gallery of samples of previously created toys. You will also find pictures of many satisfied customers in the gallery including some Blogville residents you might recognize.

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Cindys Thread Craft 175  x 175 banner

Continuing on the crafty and alliterative theme (for the blog titles) I thought I would tell you about a few of my recent orders from my Etsy shop. In case you didn’t know I had an Etsy shop I will let you know that I sell custom and ready made pet toys and various bags from tote bags to clutch style. All of my creations are embellished with machine embroidery to personalize it for the buyer. So without further ado here are a few of the recent purchases made from my shop.

First up is an order I received a couple of months ago from my blogging friend Samantha at The Quilting Doberman. As we get older so do our parents and when it comes to birthday and holiday presents we struggle with what to get them because it seems like they already have everything they need. Well Sam had the great idea to get her mom’s pets some special toys and ordered them from me.

pet toys for sam

Her mom has two mini Australian Shepherds and two cats so the dogs received personalized small squeaky bones and the cats got the mouse and clown fish catnip toys.

pet toys for sam - wrapped packages

Sam had me ship them directly to her mom and since it was a birthday gift I wrapped them up and added a little card.

Gypsy with dog bones

Gypsy quickly claimed both dog toys for herself and even enjoyed using one of the bones for a pillow. What a cutie she is.

Gypsy uses dog bone as pillow

The next order I want to tell you about is a clutch style bag. After a few conversations via email with the buyer she settled on a pink micro suede clutch with an “I Love My Dachshund” embroidered on it.

I Love My Dachshund - clutch

The buyer is a knitter and told me that her dachshund GingerSue liked to steal her balls of yarn like a cat and play with them so I picked a special fabric for the lining.

I Love My Dachshund - clutch - interior

The embroidery on the bag turned out perfect. If you are interested there are a variety of puppy and kitty breeds of similar embroideries that can be embroidered on any type of bag. You can check them out at the Embroidery Library where I get most of my embroidery files. The buyer also let me know that she was buying this bag as a birthday gift to herself so when I packaged it up I added a few special things.

I Love My Dachshund - clutch - gift wrapped

I had some left over yarn from a skein so I used it for a bow and added a birthday card. I also included a skein of Lion Brand Bonbon yarn as an extra treat. After the order was delivered I received a lovely message from her that read in part:

My beautiful doxie bag and surprise contents arrived. I picked it up at my apartment clubhouse yesterday afternoon and immediately took it with me to my knitting group. Another knitter who have a precious doxie too immediately had tears pop into her eyes. I am sharing your Etsy link with my galfriends.

It’s notes like this that make the work so fun.

The last order is the one I received a week before I had to finish the crochet baby blanket and it was a big order. The buyer ordered 7 different custom dog bones in all three sizes that I make.

Large - Medium - Small dog bones - order of 7

The buyer did a great job communicating her choices for the order and let me know what color, size and embroidery she wanted on each toy. There are three large and two each of the medium and small bones. I really wonder what “Itchy Richie” thought of his bone. Do you think he used it to scratch his back? 😀

As you can see in addition to the baby blanket and bandannas I have been keeping busy with other crafty things. A couple people wanted to know if I sold the bandannas in my shop. So far I haven’t added them, but would be curious to know if there is a genuine interest among my readers.  I have a few cute embroideries that I think would look great on a bandanna like the ones you can view here (check out the “Kisses” and “Queen/King of the Dog Park” embroideries). You might remember that I also embroidered a bandanna for Millie with a cool “Rescue” tattoo style embroidery. I could make the bandannas in almost any color you would like.

Millie with rescue bandana Millie - pink rescue bandana

The price would vary by size, but they would probably start at around $17. Let me know what you think. If there is enough interest I will add a custom item in my shop. Thanks for visiting and checking out my craftiness.

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Let’s have some fun with a comment-a-thon and giveaway!

Miss Madi is teaching a class in Napping 101 today and asked me if I would help out with recess. I think she was afraid that after all that napping everyone would need something to help wake them up. I also want to help raise some money for Sandra and the Houston Pittie Pack so I decided to donate 50¢ for each comment left on this post. In addition each commenter will be entered into a drawing for a pet toy. Anyone can enter, but please only one comment per family and international entries are welcome.

My kitty nephew Kip really enjoys the catnip toy I sent him.

And my BFF Tasha from the Dachsies With Moxie had fun squeaking her personalized dog bone. Now you too can have fun with toys like these too.

If the winner of my drawing is a pup then he or she can choose from one of these fun squeaky bones or this red-hot fire hydrant.

A kitty winner will have the chance to choose from this catnip filled fish.

If you aren’t fond of the nip you could choose this fun crochet ball. It might look big, but it is just slightly bigger than a golf ball so it is perfect for batting around the room.

If you want to have a chance of enjoying one of these toys just leave me a comment by Thursday, September 13th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Remember these toys have been field tested and approved by my nephew Kip…

…and the Dachsies With Moxie gang.

I think recess is over now so you all had better get to your next class. I wouldn’t want you to be late!

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