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Millie goes vintage

Charlie has been working with some new image processing software, Nik Collection. Here he used one of the pre-sets in the Silver Efex Pro 2 software to give Millie that vintage look.

We are participating in the Black & White Sunday blog hop.

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Millie sports her new tough girl look with one ear up and squinting into the sun.

millie one ear up head shot

We are participating in the Black & White Sunday blog hop.

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A couple of days ago after all the snow had melted and the temperature warmed up a bit I took my mom and dad to the park at the Penfield Town Hall. It is the same place where Remy and I had our first meeting.

Milllie and Cindy on small bridge Penfield Town park

We decided to spend most of our time on the wooded trails. I was walking with my mom and dad was taking pictures.

Penfield Town park - still life under ice

When he wasn’t taking pictures of us walking he was doing some artsy fartsy nature pictures.

Milllie and Cindy on boardwalk Penfield Town park

The trail has lots of nice bridges and raised walkways so you don’t have to walk in the mud if you don’t want to. Although I did try it a couple of times, but mom made me stay on the planks.

Penfield Town park - thin ice

Dad really liked the way the ice was formed around the stick. I just wanted to try to pull the stick out of the ice.

Milllie and Cindy on bridge Penfield Town park

It was a great day for a walk and even though it was a bit windy we could not feel it while we were in the woods.

Penfield Town park - tree belly

My dad calls this one “Tree Belly” because he thinks it looks like a fat belly with a belly button showing. I think he might have been drinking heavily or on something when he took that picture. 😀

Milllie and Cindy - who dat - Penfield Town park

I had a great time exploring and can’t wait to come back.

Milllie and Cindy rock climbing Penfield Town park

My mom and I even got in some rock climbing. As I mentioned before our town is full of large rocks and my mom has been teaching me to climb on them.

Millie on stone bench

This park has some really cool plantings and memorials. I always like to climb up to this stone bench and look out over the playing fields.

While I was sitting there I was dreaming about the up coming double date that Remy and I are going on with Murphy & Stanley to the Valentine’s Day Ball. You must click on their names and see the wonderful way they asked us and see their beautiful pictures. They had just been to the groomers and boy are they handsome!

Well I hope you enjoyed my walk in the park. It is supposed to be “warm” (around 40° F) today so I’m going to try to get my parents to take me to the park again. After today the weather is supposed to get real cold and SNOW all week long. I sure hope they are right because I have really been missing my digging snow pile.

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Millie_beauty in snow

Millie_beast in snow

Photographed by Charlie when we still had snow. Sadly for Millie there is none left at this time.

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millie snow bunny 102a - 1200

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Hi everyone, it’s Millie here.  This time of year many people are making New Year’s resolutions and a lot of them are about trying to get healthier or lose weight. My friends Murphy and Stanley posted yesterday about the workout plan their parents put them on and all the equipment they are using to help them, but I have a better plan. I’ve developed a workout that is sure to burn tons of calories and is loads of fun. It is a complete full body workout that is a great aerobic exercise and really works your shoulders and glutes too.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

Millie - digging on snow pile

You also don’t have to worry about getting overheated during your workout as it is done outside in the snow.  As you can see I really put my whole body into my exercise regimen. Just 30 minutes a day and you can look as sleek as I do.

Millie - snow pile digging action

No Thigh Master needed here. Check out the thigh muscles I’ve developed with my snow digging workout (click to bigify for full effect). I’m not sure what I’ll do to keep my figure when there isn’t any snow around since Daddy would not be happy with me digging in his nice landscape 😉

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Hi everyone it’s Millie here. First before I tell you about my day at play mommy wants me to clear up any confusion over yesterday’s post. You don’t have to worry about the pigeons finding enough to eat because crazy people come and throw stale bread for them all the time (this isn’t really good for them). The other thing is that the picture was taken from the safety of the parking lot where this boat launch hut is located on Irondequoit Bay so neither of my parents risked their lives for a cool shot. They would never do that sort of thing because that is what a long camera lens is for. There is plenty of ice fishing on the bay during the winter, but that is for the crazy people (my mommy told me to say that).

Okay now on to the real reason for my post today! My new friend Remy invited me to come to her play group that meets on Saturday afternoons so mommy and daddy took me there this past weekend. The play group meets at Tails of Success in Rochester, New York.

play group 2

There were lots of dogs and their parents there and at first it was a bit crazy. After a while we all took a short break and things settled down a bit.

play group 3

All the dogs got along pretty well and the people were really nice too.

getting scritches

I especially liked this nice man who was very good at giving scritches. You will see in the video that I wasn’t the only one to enjoy his loving.

Mom created a video of some of the fun I had. Remy and I had a nice wrestling session toward the end. It was a lot of fun and I hope to go back again soon.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

By the way Remy and I have another walk scheduled for New Year’s Day. I can’t think of a better way to ring in the New Year than by taking a walk with my new friend!

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Hi everyone, it’s Millie here! I want to tell you about my new friend Remy and her mom Debra. Debra is a friend of my mom’s and she posted on Facebook that she was looking for some friends for her new puppy Remy.

debras facebook message

When I saw that I made my mom reply right away.

Millie replies on facebook

You see I had asked Santa Paws for a brother for Christmas, but I figured if that didn’t happen a new friend could be almost as good. Well Remy replied back to me and our mom’s scheduled a play date for us on Christmas Eve.

Remys facebook response

We met at the Penfield Town Hall where there is a really nice park with lots of walking paths and trails through the woods. Our mom’s thought it would be good to meet at a neutral location for our first time.

Cindy, Millie, Debra & Remy

Cindy, Millie, Debra & Remy

Remy and I are about the same size and we hit it off right from the start. It was fun all walking together as a pack.

Millie Remy and the moms walking

And sniffing out all the pee-mail around the park.

Millie Remy - two cute butts

We took a break from walking for a little wrestle mania.

Millie Remy wrestle mania 1

Millie Remy wrestle mania 2

Then we settled down for some more walking.

Millie Remy and moms walking

I also showed Remy my fine rock climbing skills.

Millie on rock at Penfield park

Our town, Penfield, is known for its huge rocks and these are all over the park. We walked for over an hour and had a great time!

Millie Remy watching together

Remy and I took a break at the end while the parents talked. Daddy came too and took all the pictures for us.  I had so much fun and I can’t wait for our next play date. We are going to try to get together at least once a week and maybe I will join her at her Saturday play group too. Aren’t friends the best?!

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