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I know you are probably wondering how I can put those two things together but it’s really quite simple. Angel Nina was never a fan of having her picture taken, but with Millie I am trying to get her used to it as much as possible so I decided to have a photo shoot for this year’s Christmas card. Of course I never do anything simply so I decided to make a santa hat and scarf for Millie to wear for her picture.

After a short search on the internet I found a santa hat pattern I thought I could tackle. Of course I don’t remember where I found the pattern, but there are at least a hundred free ones out there.

I had already picked up some red and green yarn with some sparkle to it so I was able to get started. This pattern also called for Fun Fur yarn to use for the rim and pom-pom so there was a bit of a challenge there. For the scarf I just improvised and used a row of single crochet and then four rows of double crochet in the green and white and then added some fringe in the white.

After I finished the hat I measured Millie for a chin strap and added that by hand with black elastic. It fit her quite well and with her black fur you couldn’t see the elastic at all.

I have to say that working with the fun fur yarn was quite a challenge. I had to pull it out a couple of times after loosing track of where I was, but I love how it came out.

The next challenge of course was to get Millie to be willing to wear it and then pose for a picture. She came to us knowing the command to sit, but we haven’t gotten to “stay” in our classes yet so that was my biggest challenge. She has been willing to put on her bandana so I was hoping that hat wearing wouldn’t bother her too much and I was right. She also didn’t have too much problem with the scarf except wanting to use it as a tug toy at first. After a couple of sessions with plenty of treats she didn’t even try to shake the hat off.

You could tell that she wasn’t that crazy about wearing the hat and our final picture ended up being one where she was just wearing the scarf. In the end I think I like her without the hat better because then you can see her cute ears. Now just to prove that she did wear the hat and scarf I will give you a sneak peek at one of our out-takes. You will have to wait until Christmas day to see the final picture or be one of the lucky ones that signed up for the card exchange that Jazzi arranged.


Does that face say “Are we done yet?” or what?

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