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Hi everyone, it’s Millie here! I want to tell you about my new friend Remy and her mom Debra. Debra is a friend of my mom’s and she posted on Facebook that she was looking for some friends for her new puppy Remy.

debras facebook message

When I saw that I made my mom reply right away.

Millie replies on facebook

You see I had asked Santa Paws for a brother for Christmas, but I figured if that didn’t happen a new friend could be almost as good. Well Remy replied back to me and our mom’s scheduled a play date for us on Christmas Eve.

Remys facebook response

We met at the Penfield Town Hall where there is a really nice park with lots of walking paths and trails through the woods. Our mom’s thought it would be good to meet at a neutral location for our first time.

Cindy, Millie, Debra & Remy

Cindy, Millie, Debra & Remy

Remy and I are about the same size and we hit it off right from the start. It was fun all walking together as a pack.

Millie Remy and the moms walking

And sniffing out all the pee-mail around the park.

Millie Remy - two cute butts

We took a break from walking for a little wrestle mania.

Millie Remy wrestle mania 1

Millie Remy wrestle mania 2

Then we settled down for some more walking.

Millie Remy and moms walking

I also showed Remy my fine rock climbing skills.

Millie on rock at Penfield park

Our town, Penfield, is known for its huge rocks and these are all over the park. We walked for over an hour and had a great time!

Millie Remy watching together

Remy and I took a break at the end while the parents talked. Daddy came too and took all the pictures for us.  I had so much fun and I can’t wait for our next play date. We are going to try to get together at least once a week and maybe I will join her at her Saturday play group too. Aren’t friends the best?!

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