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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. Remember when I told you “It’s all good.” Well it got even better just after I told you that. We got a message from the dental vet that the pathology report came back saying the margins were clean and all the tumor was removed!

Thanks for all your POTP that helped me get well.

We’ve also got good news about all the holiday cards we’ve gotten.

Here is a close up of the cards we’ve received up to this past Monday.

Don’t worry if you’ve sent us a card and you don’t see it. This picture was taken a couple of days ago and we’ve received more cards since then.

Of course the good news is we are still kicking butt on our pawrents in the card count contest.

The current card count is:

Millie & Walter

20 Snail Mail cards

9 e-cards

Total Card Count – 29

Mom & Dad

8 Snail Mail cards

1 e-card

Total Card Count – 9

We’re so happy for my good test results and for all our friends around the world.

I’m joining Comedy Plus for their Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

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Hi everyone it’s Millie & Walter here. We have been absent from Blogville for the past week because our mom has been away from home most of the day everyday (and she doesn’t work!). Some of you may have heard from the POTP blog that our Grandpa is very sick. We thought we would give you a brief update and maybe for some of you this would be the first you are hearing of it.

Grandpa your moustache tickles!

Grandpa your moustache tickles!

Our Grandpa was admitted to the hospital a week ago and our mom has been spending her days visiting with him and family. At first it appeared to be a recurrence of the internal bleeding he suffered in September but it was discovered he has very advanced terminal cancer.

A kiss for Grandpa

A kiss for Grandpa

Today he was moved to hospice care at the Leo Center for Caring a part of the St. Ann’s Community. Our mom says this is a wonderful facility and it is the perfect place for what our Grandpa needs right now. Mom says that pets are allowed to visit but she doesn’t think we have the right manners for a visit and that Grandpa is very fragile at this time.

Please cross your paws and keep our Grandpa and our family in your thoughts and prayers. We love our Grandpa very much and are very sad that we will never be able to see him again.

Mom is trying to read your blogs and says it has been a good distraction from all the chaos and sadness of this past week but hasn’t been able to comment much since she is reading on her Kindle. Thank you all for your understanding of our absence at this time.

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Good Sunday Blogville! A few of you have been checking in on Nina so I thought I had better update everyone on how she is doing.

We have settled into a nice routine for the administration of subcutaneous fluid for her. Twice a day, about 12 hours apart, I set up the IV bag of lactated ringers. The bedroom is the most convenient place for the treatment as we have a couple of doors to hang the bag from depending on where Nina is laying on our king sized bed.

IV bag on door

Close up of IV bag

We try to catch her when she is very settled and sleepy so she will be fairly calm. I have gotten much better at inserting the needle so as not to cause her any discomfort. The vet gave us large 18 gauge needles so the flow rate is about as fast as it could possibly be. She gets between 300 to 350 ml of fluid twice a day and it only takes about 10 minutes for each session.

On the culinary front Nina seems to be getting enough food in her system although not exactly what you might call high quality nutrition. The appetite stimulant definitely peaks her interest, but it is still a guessing game as to what will wet her appetite from one feeding to another.

She has settled on a few favorites. The above picture is of Wegmans Barbeque Flavor Rotisserie Chicken which has become a mainstay of her diet. She especially enjoys the dark meat and some of the breast meat too. She usually prefers me to hand feed her small pieces until she has had her fill.  Charlie and I also get to have some of the chicken too as after a couple of days it isn’t fresh enough for the Queen. Luckily at only $5.50 each it isn’t a bad deal for a few meals for her and us.

Another favorite of Nina’s is a McDonald’s double hamburger. Okay so the picture isn’t a double, but I couldn’t find one so the single will have to do for illustration purposes. We take off the top bun and all the condiments leaving the two burgers and the bottom bun. Cut up into small pieces she usually snarfs it down pretty quickly. At under $1 each also not too bad a deal (except for the gas to get there).

Last but not least she also will eat a variety of dog treats. One of her favorite is the Three Dog Bakery Lick’n Crunch. She gets to eat all the dog cookies that she desires. Every time we take her out she gets a cookie or two (although she isn’t always in the mood so we save it for later). We figure that at least the dog treats are a more balanced food and since we try to find the “all natural” type there isn’t a lot of junk in them.

Nina seems to have a bit more energy than she did a couple of weeks ago. She still is a 14 1/2-year-old dog so that isn’t saying much. She enjoys spending time out in her yard exploring around all the plantings and going through her cave. For now we have settled into a routine. We have no idea how long we have left with Nina, but as you can see we are willing to do whatever it takes to keep her as happy as possible. She will never be healthy again, but we can keep her kidneys going as well as we can be for now.

In closing I want to thank everyone for the kind words, prayers and power of the paw you have sent our way. Many of you have been emailing and commenting to check up on us and we appreciate it immensely. By the way, did you see the great Power of the Paw web site that Roo and his mom set up so we can always know who is in need. I put a link on my side bar so you can check it out. Thanks Roo and Mom. We know the POTP really helps.




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