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Hi everyone it’s Walter here! First I want to thank everyone for the wonderful welcome you all gave me when Millie introduced me to you last week. I thought I would tell you a little more about where I came from and how I got to be Millie’s little brother.

Walter - lying under bench

My brother and I were turned over to the same rescue that Millie came from, Big Dogs Big Hearts, because my first parents couldn’t take care of us very well. They had us both living in a crate together and as we kept getting bigger it was not very fun. I was in pretty bad shape when I was rescued, but my foster mom and dad took great care of me. They also had another dog. It was fun to be able to play with him and not be smushed in a small space with him all the time. My brother is staying with another foster family and still looking for his forever home.

walter and charlie - giving kisses

I sure do love my new parents and I’m pretty sure they love me too.

walter - little dog in big yard

I have the  biggest yard to play in. Can you see me lying under the tree?

millie walter - walking around yard

And the greatest big sister to play with inside and out.

millie walter - wrestle mania - outdoors - millie on top

Sometimes I like to let her think she has the upper paw…

millie walter - wrestle mania - outside - walter on top

but then I remind her that even though I don’t weigh as much as she does I’m pretty tough and can take her down whenever I want.

millie walter - playing tug

Millie and I have lots of fun playing tug of war…

millie walter - playing tug - paw on rope

even if I do trip myself up sometimes. Our favorite place to play inside is the living room since that has the most open space and the rug in there makes a great wrestling mat.

My foster mom told my new parents that in their house I didn’t need to sleep in a crate (although I can spend time in there if I need to) so I have been sleeping in the big bed with the whole family right from the first night!  I just love to snuggle up next to either of my parents and Millie is usually snuggled up to the other one. We have a gate up at the top of the stairs so Millie and I can’t just wander downstairs when mom and dad are asleep.

walter - laying on patio - in profile

I may have had a rough start in life, but I know I can look forward to a wonderful rest of my life where I am right now!

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Hi everyone, Millie here to tell you about everything that has been going on around here for the past week. Last Saturday we all went to the regular meet and greet for the rescue I came from, Big Dogs Big Hearts. I thought it was just to see my foster parents, but after saying hello to them I met a cute little boy dog named Walter and we hit it off right away.

walter - sweet face


Isn’t he a cutie! They say he is a boxer mix and I think his head shows it well. Right away we started playing and having a great time together. A few days later Walter and his foster mommy came to our house to visit. We played outside for a while and then I showed him the house.

millie walter - with foster mom


Here we are with Walter’s foster mommy. She is very nice.

millie walter - in kitchen on meeting day


Walter is only about 6 months old (I will be 1 in just a couple of weeks) and that boy has lots of energy.

Today was two days since Walter and his foster mom came to visit us. This morning mom, dad and I went to a local pet store and Walter was there with his foster mommy too! Next thing I know mom was signing a bunch of forms, we went inside the store and bought some food that isn’t my brand and a new toy. After that we got back in the car to go home and Walter got in the car with us!

walter - my new daddy gives good ear scritches


When we got home we all went outside and had a huge play session. I like chasing Walter and trying to herd him. Everyone thinks I’m part Australian Cattle dog so I guess I’m just doing what comes naturally. Mom took a lot of videos, but we will show you those some other day.

walter - kissing charlie

Walter is a pretty lovable guy and likes to give the peeps lots of kisses just like I do.

millie walter - attack of the kissing bandits


It’s fun to gang up on daddy and smother him with kisses.

millie walter - what is that thing under there


Walter has some parts that are different than mine. Mom and dad have never had a boy dog before so if there are any secrets to raising a boy puppy please let them know. Mom said that Walter has had his bobblectomy already, whatever that means.

millie walter - whats charlie eating


So far we are getting along great! Dad thinks we spend just a little too much time playing bitey face and chasing each other around, but I say you can never play too much.

walter - spotty paw


Everyone thinks that when Walter is full grown he and I will be a similar size. Don’t you just love his one speckled paw? After mom and dad ate lunch we all went upstairs and had a little nap (very little nap). Mom said it was nice to see that little Walter could settle down for a while. Right now we (all four of us) are stretched out on our big bed while I dictate this post to mom.

walter - got underbite

Earlier tonight I was kind of wondering when Walter was going back home, but then I realized he was home! It might take a little while getting used to having a little brother, but it sure is fun having someone around to play with besides my dad. I just want to say to Walter, “Welcome home Walter, welcome home!”

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Millie explores Nina’s garden

Well some of you probably guessed by my Wordless Wednesday post that we would be adding a new member to our family. I am pleased to introduce you to Millie! She is a 5 month old girl of unknown parentage and a real sweetie.

Foster Parents Michael & Darcy watch as Charlie has Millie sit for a treat.

We adopted Millie (formerly known as Midnight) from Big Dogs Big Hearts a local rescue group that specializes in rescuing German Shepherd dogs and other large breeds.  When she first arrived last night we spent some time in the yard while we chatted with her foster parents Michael & Darcy.

She even did her “business” while we were out there so we knew it was safe to bring her inside.

Millie enjoying a bully stick

While the adults went over the adoption paperwork Millie enjoyed a bully stick and explored the house. When it was time for her foster parents to leave, I took her out to the back yard so they could slip out without much fanfare.  When I brought her back inside Millie wandered around the house for a few minutes whimpering and looking for Darcy and Michael, but settled down to a play session with her new toys and Charlie. She soon crashed and fell asleep for a couple of hours and thankfully when she woke up all she was looking for was the door to take her out to pee! Yes, that is correct she is already house broken.

Last night she whined for about a minute when it was time for bed and she was in her crate, but she slept right through the night and didn’t wake up for almost 7 hours. It was a bit earlier than Charlie and I have been used to getting up so we were thrilled that after being up for a couple of hours Millie was happy to join us on the bed for an early morning nap!

Right now she is hanging out in the sewing room with me and playing with the stuffed bone I made for her. We have a baby gate at the top of the stairs and recently she got up, walked over to the top of the stairs and whimpered. Charlie took her outside and she peed right away.

When we were looking to add another dog to our home we didn’t really think we would want a dog so young, but meeting her for the first time last weekend there was no question about adopting her. She is sweet, smart and confident. While she loves to play like any puppy would she also enjoys a good snuggle and giving kisses. I can’t thank Darcy and Michael enough for taking care of her for the past few weeks and teaching her what she already knows. Charlie and I are excited to be starting this new chapter in our lives with Miss Millie.




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