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Before I start the “Tale of Two Cindy’s” I want to say thanks to everyone for the sweet comments on my previous post regarding Nina’s bathroom issues. I don’t think she is embarrassed by the episodes. It’s more like…”I tried to go outside, but I wasn’t feeling it at the time and then all of a sudden…there it was!” She does have a new nickname though…Miss Poopasaurus! Charlie and I just laugh, scoop and sanitize.

Now on to my story. I’m sure many of you have encountered someone with the same first name as yours and you feel a connection to them, but have you ever met someone who has the same first and last name? As you may have guessed I have and it was causing some confusion the past couple of months. I have to give you some background, but stick with me as this is a funny story.

When I first joined the Genesee Valley Quilt Club my mother informed me that there was another Cindy W. that was a member. She knew this because she was the former membership chair person. Eventually Cindy and I ran into each other at one of the meetings and of course became friends.  At first it wasn’t much of a problem having the same name since I wasn’t very involved in the club. We were members together for about a year and a half, but last year (Sept. 2011 – June 2012) the Other Cindy didn’t renew her membership so as I became more active in the club last year all was well. I want to mention that we Cindy’s didn’t have any problem…it was the rest of the membership that were confused.

This past June the Other Cindy renewed her membership and I couldn’t have been happier. The GVQC has a Yahoo group where members can post messages and everyone can read them. The Other Cindy posted a message that a quilt she made for the 2012 Hoffman Challenge was selected to be part of the travelling exhibit as well as one a friend of hers made. Lots of congratulations were posted to the group and a few of them also came my way both in person and by email. After a few posts someone on the Yahoo group asked about the two Cindy W’s and how to tell them apart. We both contributed a few suggestions online, but I could tell there was still much confusion.

A few weeks ago I emailed the Other Cindy and asked her if she was planning on attending the first GVQC meeting and would she be willing to get up on stage during the show and tell portion of our meeting with me? We hoped we could show everyone who we were and what was different about us. The Other Cindy also said it was too bad we couldn’t dress the same and I suggested that I could machine embroider a couple of t-shirts so that we could. I realized that with last Monday being Labor day I wouldn’t have enough time to mail the shirt to her so I decided to deliver it in person.

The Other Cindy lives about an hour south of me, but she also owns her own quilt fabric store, Journey Quilt Company so it is always fun to have an excuse for a visit. I asked my mom to join me and we had a fun time visiting and shopping.

On the day of the meeting only a couple of people knew our plan and even though we were dressed alike and sitting at adjacent tables no one seemed to notice. All of the members pick up name tags to wear during the meeting and both of us were wearing them. During the business meeting the club president mentioned each of us for different reasons and when one of us was mentioned a second time someone from the club shouted out, “If both of the Cindy’s are here can they come up on stage?” The club president looked straight at us and said, “Well, how about it?”

We both stood up and made our way to the outside aisle where we joined hands and walked to the stage.

Cindy & Cindy (I’m on the left)

The group started clapping to encourage us to the stage and as we made our way to the front more people were noticing that we had dressed as twins and began to laugh. You can’t see it in the picture, but we both had the same style washed jeans on too. By the time we made it up on stage everyone was laughing hysterically! Here is an approximation of what happened next:

Me: “Hi My name is Cindy W.”

Other Cindy: “My name is Cindy W.”

Me: “I was born in Buffalo, NY.”

OC: “I was born in Buffalo, NY.”

A bit of laughter from the crowd as so far we appear to be very much alike.

Me: “My mother is former Membership Chair and Honorary member Claire W.”

OC: “I like to call her ‘Mom’ for fun.”

OC: “I own Journey Quilt Company in Nunda, NY.”

Me: “I wish I did!”

Someone shouts from audience, “How can we tell you apart?”

Me: “I’m 5′ 2″ tall.”

OC: “I’m 5′ 9″ tall.”

Of course this brought roars of laughter as it was an extremely obvious point.

Another shout from the audience, “What are your maiden names?”

Me: “I don’t have one because I didn’t take my husband’s name when we got married.”

OC: “I became a Welch 38 years ago when I married my husband.”

Me: “I have been a Welch all my life which is a lot longer than 38 years, but I’m not telling how many.”

OC: “I usually put “Dalton” after my name when I post on the Yahoo group.”

Me: ” ‘Dalton’ is the town she lives in…I don’t live there.”

I also added that I am the one that writes the Patchword Spotlight articles for our newsletter and I’m the one working on the Raffle quilt with my mom. We thanked the group and offered that we hope this little show helped.

The crowd went wild and we received a huge round of applause as we exited the stage.

As we made our way back to our seats everyone was laughing and complimenting us on our show. I just hope it will help.


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Hi everyone.  I just thought I would start by saying thanks for the great welcome messages Nina and I have received lately.  We are very glad to be part of blogville.  Also Nina is very happy to have gotten a date to the Valentines pawty.  The Pittie Packs Brinksey Winksey has asked Nina to the pawty and she is excited to be going with him.

In other news I wanted to tell you about a quilt project that I just put the final touches on.  Last spring I found these really cute embroideries at my favorite source the Embroidery Library called “Animals in Pajamas” and wanted to do something with them.

Sleep Tight Quilt #1

I decided to make a couple of lap quilts in flannel and also decided I would donate them to a cause that helps children.

Sleep Tight Quilt #2

It took a long time to stitch out all 18 embroideries and was especially challenging since I decided to set the blocks on point.  The embroideries are so cute so I will show a few up close.

Dog & Racoon

If you click on the image to see a bigger version you can see that the dogs PJs have fire hydrants on them and the raccoons PJs have trash cans.  Most of the embroideries have these subtle jokes for their pajamas.  The cat below has mice on his jammies.  I quilted them at Jackie Lynn’s on one of her longarm machines and I just love how they turned out.  I stitched stars in the sashing and did loops everywhere else.

Cat & Rabbit

I wasn’t sure which charity I would donate them to until my sister was visiting around Thanksgiving and it dawned on me that she works for a children’s charity.  So I asked her if she thought the quilts were something they could use to raise some money for their organization and she was thrilled at the prospect of using them for a raffle.

The charity my sister works for is called Soar Tutoring.  SOAR Tutoring is a program of Eagle Sports Club that offers low-cost, individualized one-on-one reading tutoring to struggling students on Detroit’s east side.  This is a great cause so I hope a couple of the kids in the program can win them.  I shipped the quilts off to her last week and she was anxious to show them to her co-workers. I love how these turned out and I’m glad that a worthy charity will be able to benefit from them.

Tomorrow I will be at the monthly meeting of the Genesee Valley Quilt Club and will be giving a demonstration on how to make a zippered clutch (like the ones I made as Christmas gifts recently).  Some people are afraid of adding zippers to their sewing projects so I hope to show them that it really is nothing to fear.  After that I will be chained to my sewing machine working on the Fearless Five memory quilt.  I won’t be able to show you any pictures of that until after Sandra has seen it, but I plan on sharing my process later.  I may not be around much to comment on other blogs so I just wanted to let you know I am here and working hard.

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I recently discovered a new quilting blog and they are having a huge give away that I could not resist.  Even though I just looked and there are over 400 entries I figured why not up my chances just a bit by doing a post about it.  Thanks to Very Berry Handmade all I have to do is do a post about what I hope to accomplish this year in sewing and I get a second entry in the drawing.

Well many of my followers already know that I will soon have a wonderful quilt to work on, the memory quilt for the Fearless Five and I am not starting anything big until that is completed.

Dragonfly Summer Quilt before basting

In addition to that I have a king sized quilt top that is basted and just waiting to be quilted.  At first I thought I might take this to a local quilt shop that has longarm quilting machines you can rent, but since I plan on doing quite a bit of custom quilting and not just do an overall quilt motif it would be too big a project for that.  After reading some of Leah Day’s posts about how she uses her domestic machine to quilt everything I decided I would give it a go. My friends at the Genesee Valley Quilt Club helped me baste it in November so I hope to start quilting this soon.

Quilt basting on a frame

Some of my other sewing goals for this coming year are to make more bags.  I would like to try my hand at selling on Etsy or in local shops.  There will be a variety of items from clutches, totes and purses as well as accessories for knitters like the project bags and needle roll I made for my sister.

The only other thing I have on my agenda for this year is to work on an applique quilt I have a years (12 months) worth of kits for.  It is a beautiful quilt with baskets of flowers and I can’t wait to start now that I have gotten my feet wet with applique.

Those of us that are blogging about this give away get to choose our preferred prize and I think the fabrics in the Fat quarter bundle (10 FQ) from Erin McMorris’s Summersault are delish although I would be more than happy to win any of the prizes.

Wish me luck as I tackle these projects in the coming year.

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I am very excited to be participating in the creation of the Fearless Five Memory Quilt as it is such a labor of love from all of blogville.  Just as the pet blogging community has come together in the past to support each other during difficult times the creation of this quilt with bits and pieces from all over the world is yet another example of that.  It is also an example of what I like to call community quilting.  Even though in this case one person, Agnes Bullock (What’s Her Name) from Dachsies With Moxie, is sewing together the top and I will be adding the quilting there have been many hands involved with its creation.

I belong to two quilting groups, the Genesee Valley Quilt Club (GVQC) and the Perinton Quilt Guild (PQG) and currently I am involved in group quilting projects for both of them.  This year the town of Perinton New York is celebrating its bicentennial and as part of the celebration the PQG is making a quilt depicting places around the town.  A couple of the guild members planned out the quilt and put together kits with backing fabric and some information about what should be on the block.

I volunteered to make two of these blocks.  Each quilter was allowed to use whatever method they liked to create the block.  I chose to create mine by fused applique as did many of the other guild members making blocks. The only applique I have ever done was in a class I took this past fall so I was a little nervous about doing one that will eventually be on display in the town hall.

South Perinton United Methodist Church

One of the blocks I chose was of the South Perinton United Methodist Church.  I chose this block to make because I liked the architecture of the church and thought it was something I could do.  I was given the image above and used Photoshop to trace the lines of the church to create a template for the pieces of fabric I would need to cut out. This block is fairly large at 15″ x 12″ so I printed the outline using two pages and taped them together.  This was required so that the pieces I cut out were the exact size I needed for the block.

Applique pattern of church

After auditioning various fabrics from my stash I applied Steam a Seam to the back of the fabric and then cut out all the pieces I needed.  I traced the church outline onto the background fabric using my sewing extension table as a light table and started placing the applique pieces to the background.  I only attached the basic building pieces first because I wanted to embellish the white sides of the building with stitching to look like the clapboard on the building.  Then I added the pieces for the windows, door, stairs and railings.  After that I added the trees and shrubbery by just cutting pieces free-hand. When it was all glued in place I started by zigzagging the edges of each piece of the building and then added free-motion embroidery over the trees and shrubs.  Here is the finished block. You can click on the block to see the full-sized image.

South Perinton United Methodist Church Block

Here is a close up view showing some of the detail including the sign I created for the front of the church by printing the words on printable fabric.  My husband, Charlie came up with that idea because there wasn’t any other way to put words that small on fabric then I added fusible to the back and just cut out the shape I wanted.

Detail of church block

The other block I chose to do was of Powder Mills Park.  This park is primarily known for the fish hatchery so that is what I decided to depict in my block.  I found a couple of images to use for inspiration and through the magic of Photoshop created one image using elements from both of them.

Inspirational images for Powder Mills Park block

Here is a colored in version of the pattern I created using those images.

Powder Mills Park block layout

And here is the completed block.  As always you can click on the image to see the details.

Powder Mills Park Block

I added the people to the block to bring this scene to life.  To create the people images I just found some images I liked and reduced the pictures down to just a few colors using Photoshop. Then I printed them on the fabric just like I did for the signs.

I love how both of these blocks turned out and I can’t wait to see all the blocks put together in a quilt.  I will post pictures of the progress of this quilt as they show it at our meetings.

The final project I am involved with is for the GVQC. The GVQC creates a quilt to raise money in a raffle for the club every two years.  A couple of months ago the president of the club asked my mother, Claire, and I if we would be willing to create a design and organize the creation of the quilt.  The quilt needs to be completed by January 2013 so we have some time to get this done.  It is a very daunting task, but mom and I are confident we can pull this off.  One of the things that will help is my recent acquisition of Electric Quilt 7 software.  The box arrived yesterday and Nina helped me open it.

Nina checking for contraband

First she inspected it to determine how many people touched it before it reached our house.  I think her count was about 87 people.  When I got the box open she made sure the contents were correct for what I ordered.

Looks like you got the right thing Mom!

The software is loaded on my computer so now I just need some time to figure out how to use it and then come up with a design.

I know this has been a bit of a long post, but I wanted to show those that might be interested how I created my blocks.  I will keep you all posted on my work on all of these projects.

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