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Wild Bird Wednesday

This week I thought I would join a different blog hop for Wednesdays post and join Wild Bird Wednesday. I love watching the birds that frequent our yard. We have lots of natural food sources for them during the warm months and have Niger feeders up year round. This winter we have been host to a huge flock of Common Redpolls.

Redpolls at feeder 3

We have never had Redpolls visiting our feeders in the past. There were numerous reports of huge flocks in our area all winter so we were not alone.

Redpolls at feeder 1

We have two of these niger seed feeders and most of the time they are covered with as many redpolls as would fit. I can’t even guess how much niger seed we have gone through this year, but we have had to refill both feeders every day! Normally we have lots of Goldfinches, but they have been a bit scarce with the redpoll takeover. I’m hoping the redpolls head north soon so our resident Goldfinches can have their feeders back.

In other back yard bird news our Eastern Bluebirds have been back for over a month now. The first day we saw them together in the yard we started putting out our dried mealworms.

Mr and Mrs Bluebird at feeder

We think Mrs. Bluebird is already sitting on eggs in the nest box. Last year they raised 3 broods so we are hopeful that this year will be as good.

Mrs Bluebird at feeder


I hope you have enjoyed my first edition of Wild Bird Wednesday and take some time to stop by the blog hop host too.

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