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Hi everyone, it’s Millie here. Pip and Puddles are here today on the next leg of Pip’s Bucket World Tour. I’m going to show them some of the sights of Rochester, NY so hold on to your hats it’s going to be a wild time. When they pulled up I was in my backyard just hanging out so I invited them to join me to rest for a while after their long journey here.

pip tour - on millies snow pile

Puddles: Hey Millie my butts getting cold sitting on this pile of snow. Can we get going now?

Pip: Yeah, don’t forget I’m old and I shouldn’t be out here without my sweater.

Millie: Sorry guys I could sit out here for hours. We will get going to our first destination.

With that we took off for our first stop. My mom wanted me to show them some of the culture of our city so I decided to take them to the George Eastman House.

pip tour -  eastman house - outside

This is a really cool house that was built in the early 1900’s and now is a museum. It also holds lots of movies in a climate controlled vault for safe keeping.

pip tour - eastman house - puddles hanging from elephant

Our first stop was the conservatory. Before we knew what was happening Puddles was hanging from the giant elephant head.

Millie: Puddles how the heck did you get up there? Never mind Pip and I will be right up to help you get down.

pip tour - eastman house - millie pip top of  stairs

Pip and I ran around to the stairs and made it to the top as quickly as possible. Okay it may have taken a while since Mr. Pip is a bit slow, but we got there eventually.

pip tour - eastman house  - puddles hanging from elephant 2

When we reached the top of the stairs this is what we saw. Somehow Puddles swung around and was facing the other way.

Millie: Okay Puddles just swing around again and jump over to the balcony where Pip and I are.

Puddles: Here goes! {{swinging like a trapeze artist}} Wheeee!

That was close but Puddles made it safe and sound.

Puddles: Millie you are a bit of a spoil sport. I was having fun enjoying the view from up there.

Millie: You are lucky you didn’t get us kicked out of here. Now let’s go look in some of the other rooms.

pip tour - eastman house - music room

We checked out the music room and a few of the other ones, but then we had to get on to our next destination. Everyone was getting hungry so I took them to lunch.

pip tour - nick tahou - outside

I know how much Pip likes his cheeseburgers, but around here there is a delicacy that I think he will like even better. This restaurant, Nick Tahou’s, is famous for a dish called the Garbage Plate.

pip tour - nick tahou - puddles ordering

Puddles just jumped right on the counter and gave them our order. She really had to yell so they could hear her.


OMD would you look at our order! In case you were wondering the extra plate is for my mom since she was driving us around.

pip tour - nick tahou - pip puddles garbage plate

Puddles: Ack! That is one HUGE pile of food! Pip I’m not so sure as your nurse I should let you eat all that.

Pip: Back off woman. That is all mine!

We chowed down and were completely stuffed. That was the best lunch I have ever had. Now that we were full we needed something more to wash it down with so it was on to our next stop.

pip tour - genesee brewery - outside

Puddles: What kind of beer is this? It isn’t my usual Bud Light!

Millie: I know Puddles, but it is our local beer and I thought you would like a tour of the plant.

Puddles: Will there be samples?

Millie: I don’t know, but we can ask.

pip tour - genesee brewery - on bar

Millie: See Puddles we can sample some of the different beers right here. Just remember to only sample and not drink too much. We still have a few stops to make yet.  I think the tour is moving on so we better keep up.

pip tour - genesee brewery - puddles sitting on beer line

Puddles: Wheeeee! This is a fun ride!

Millie: Puddles you better get off of there that is not a ride!  You might get caught in the machines. Here let me help you down.

Puddles: Whoa, I think I had a few too many samples to go on that ride.

Millie: Oh no Puddles if you think you are going to be sick you better get to the bathroom!

pip tour - genesee brewery - souveniers

We stopped in the souvenir shop before heading on our way.

Puddles: Pip are you going to pick anything out or what?

Pip: There is so much cool stuff here I can’t decide what to get.

Puddles: Well hurry up ’cause I’m getting tired and want to get moving.

Millie: Okay you guys no arguments. Pip, just get a hat and maybe a t-shirt for your girl and then we can go.

For our final destination some friends asked us to check on their house while they hang out in warm sunny Florida. We didn’t have a key so we had to sneak in.

pip tour - lily belles house - looking outside

Millie: Hey guys, don’t Lily Belle and Muffin have a nice backyard?

Pip: Look at all those squirrels!

Puddles: Let me out there so I can dead me some squirrels.

Millie: Hey guys why don’t we see if there are any snacks in the cupboards?

pip tour - lily belles house - snacking

Millie: Look I found some Cheetos and beer.

Puddles: Where did that cheeseburger come from?

Millie: I think that is one of Lily Belle’s squeaky toys so I wouldn’t try eating it.

Pip: Hey pop open that can of beer and let’s get this party started!

We hung out at the house for a while so Pip and Puddles could rest up for the next leg of their trip. Don’t worry Mrs. Kim we didn’t trash the place too bad! BOL!

gassing up the Ferrari

Before I knew it they were gassing up the car and heading out.  Thanks for stopping by guys. I had a great time showing you around Rochester. I hope you enjoyed yourselves too.


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