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Hi everyone it’s Cindy here. Thanks so much for your good thoughts, prayers,crossed paws and vibes coming my way. Yesterday went more smoothly than I had imagined. A very big thank you to my mom for hanging out with me at the hospital all day so Charlie could entertain Millie & Walter at home. I have to give the most of the staff at Strong Memorial Hospital an A+ rating for making my day go so well. I’m only taking off a slight bit for whoever is responsible for putting these things on me because…

ECG monitor pad

ECG monitor pad

last night I discovered two of them still stuck to my left side and this morning I found another one on my right side! LOL! Of course I’m just kidding since there really was no harm done. I chalk up my inability to feel them to my use of drugs to ease my pain.

My foot is wrapped with cotton and an ace bandage.

Cindy's post surgery foot

Cindy’s post surgery foot

The incision was made on the left side of my leg where they took out some muscle and nerve for testing. My skin has a bit of an Oompa Loompa color from the antiseptic stuff they use on you before the surgery. I’m at about 24 hours post surgery as I write this and doing well. I will be able to shower tomorrow with a bag on my foot and can take the wrap off on Friday.

I’m supposed to keep my foot elevated as much as possible, not walk much and take stairs only when I’m up to it so for the past day and for at least a couple more I’m holed up in our bedroom. That means that Charlie and the pups are waiting on me hand and foot.

A little to the left Walter...that's better...thanks.

A little to the left Walter…that’s better…thanks.

And I mean that literally! LOL!

So the only issue I have had with this whole process is that when I met with the surgeon for a pre-operative appointment he did not tell me any of the restrictions I would have post surgery. One of the main ones is that I’m not supposed to drive until he clears me and according to the receptionist at his office that won’t be at least until 2 weeks from yesterday when my follow up appointment is to get my stitches out! He also gave me no clue that I wouldn’t be able to get around my house much afterwards so it’s a good thing I don’t live alone. I guess I didn’t realize how deep they would be going and that my leg would be wrapped up so I couldn’t even put shoes on. The moral of this story is to ask more questions about how you will feel after surgery when talking to your surgeon.

Overall I’m doing as good as can be expected. I’m trying to not take the heavy drugs and have switched to just ibuprofen (which seems to be working fine). Please keep your paws crossed and the good vibes coming my way so I don’t have any complications down the road and that the doctors will be able to use the biopsy to help with the neuropathy.

I am mostly using my Kindle to read blogs since sitting in bed with the computer on my lap isn’t that comfortable so please excuse me if I don’t comment much for a few days. Millie & Walter also have their paws crossed for the many other Blogville residents both human and animal that need some good vibes coming their way. Thanks for all you have sent our way too.

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Thank You!

I wanted to thank everyone that stopped by to say goodbye to our Nina. I know that everyone that visited didn’t leave a comment, but I know you read her story and were probably as touched by her as we were. Whether you left words of comfort or not just knowing you cared enough to visit has helped us through this difficult time.

For those of you that did leave your wonderful condolences thank you very much. I’m so happy that I stepped out of the shadows of Blogville and joined this loving community. Your words of encouragement as we traveled this difficult path with Nina helped to support us until the end. I probably won’t be able to thank each of you individually, but just know how grateful we are for your caring words.

I also have to acknowledge the person that had the most difficult job during all of this and that is our vet Dr. Daniel Fischer from Clark Animal Care Center (please click on the link to his name and scroll down the page to meet him). We first met Dr. Fischer just a few weeks ago when Nina spent time at the vet to receive her IV fluids. He took over her care as the other vet we had been seeing wasn’t on duty for the final two days of her treatment. I don’t know how to explain it, but the first time we met with him when picking up Nina from her day of treatment I was touched by his genuine care, concern and affection toward Nina. We were lucky that he was on duty on Friday when we took her in for her final vet visit and that he was the one to help us complete her journey.

I hope he stays with this practice for a very long time as I want our future canine family members to be in his care. Within 24 hours from our visit the above card was in our mailbox from Dr. Fischer. It wasn’t just a standard card sent from the practice, but from Dr. Fischer himself. Having only seen Nina for a few times I was touched by the personal note he left on the inside as it shows that he really got to know her in just a short time.

I’m not sure we take enough time to acknowledge the difficult job the vets in our pets lives have when we bring them in for their final visit. Most of the vets have cared for these members of our families for their entire lives, have done all in their power to keep them healthy, and then must help us relieve them from the burden of their failing bodies. How many times a day must their hearts be broken. I hope not that often, but I thank them for being there for us and our pets. Thank You very much Dr. Fischer for your loving care for our Nina during her final journey.


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