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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. Today is a big day for me. I turn 6 and my mom told me that means I’m officially a senior citizen.

So I have a little grey on my muzzle. Does that make me a senior citizen?

I had a little grey on my chin when I was a little pup too.

I sure am a lucky pup to have landed in my great home.

I have the best back yard to hang out in

I have the best sister to play with.

There is nothing better than wrestling in the snow

Sometimes we take a break and just hang out together

My pawrents spend lots of money on toys just for me.

I love to steal the used milk cartons out of the recycling bin

My favorite is the freeze dried liver container

I get some real toys too but I’m not a picky guy and I’m happy with whatever I can chew on or play with.

I love when my dad plays fetch with me

I love to snuggle with my pawrents

The first few months of my life weren’t very good but since I found my forever home life couldn’t be any better. I also have a great girlfriend (and her family) that sent me this beautiful card.

Thanks Tuiren and family

I sure don’t feel like a senior citizen and can still jump straight up from a stand still to look my mom in the eyes. Like they say you are as young as you feel.

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