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Today Blogville lights a candle to honor our dear friend Angel Easy who has made his final journey home. We also take this time to remember all our friends who have left us this year.


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Hi everyone, it’s Millie & Walter here!

It’s time for this month’s Chewy.com review. This month we are reviewing Wellness WellBites Grain-Free Lamb & Salmon Recipe. There are other flavors available too.

Wellness Soft Wellbites Lamb and Salmon bag - front and back

There is all kinds of good stuff in these treats and lots of things they don’t have such as being grain free with no artificial flavors. You can click on the image above to read more or click the link above.

Millie Walter - waiting for treat - treat in hand - in focus

You can see in the above picture that they are even scored so your peeps can break them into smaller pieces. We don’t really recommend that though.

Come on mom! We've waited long enough!

Come on mom!
We’ve waited long enough!

Just a little more waiting until the "Okay"!

Just a little more waiting until the “Okay”!

Now on to the video to show you what we thought of these treats.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

Did you see that? Walter refused to eat them!! As you can hear our dad say in the video, “That is a first”. We don’t know what it is about them he didn’t care for because we have tried other treats with those ingredients and we have tried other Wellness treats and loved them.

Millie - snarfing Wellness treat

Not to worry though because Millie really loved these treats! We have to give these treats 4 paws up (because that is all the paws Millie has) and we recommend them to all our friends.


This month we are joining Oz the Terrier and Sugar the Golden Retriever for their Chewy.com blog hop.

One of the reasons we chose this treat was because this month Chewy.com is teaming up with WellPet for the “Give the Gift of Wellness” campaign. For every Wellness product purchased through Chewy.com from December 5th – 19th they donated a meal to a local rescue. In addition, for every Wellness Product selected by Chewy reviewers they will donate 5 cases! So even though Walter didn’t like them we helped homeless pets by doing this review and Millie is happy to have the whole bag all to herself!

Disclaimer: We received one bag of Wellness WellBites Grain-Free Lamb & Salmon Recipe Dog Treats from Chewy.com to review. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this review and will receive no additional benefits for barking about the product or the company. The opinions in this review are the honest opinions of ours.

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We know we haven’t posted much but we have been visiting all our friends blogs to see what everyone has been up to. Today we just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and share our card with all of you.

Front of Card

Front of Card

Back of Card

Back of Card

Later this week we will show you all the cards we received from the Blogville Christmas Card Exchange and the pressies we received from the Blogville Gift Exchange also.

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Hi everyone! Today we are joining Madi and Angel Easy to show their friend Sammy our favorite place in our home town.

Little Black Dog in Big Snow

Little Black Dog in Big Snow

Whether it’s right after a winter snow storm where we love to plow through the fluffy white stuff and wrestle until we look like abominable snow dogs or…

walter - little dog in big yard

Little tan dog under big tree

…it’s early spring when the trees and shrubs are just starting to bud out and the grass has started to green up or…

Walter - with toy under Katsura tree

Happy tan dog in shade of big tree

… it’s the heat of the summer where you can cool off in the shade of the Katsura tree during a game of fetch or…


Two dogs playing on a cool fall day

…it’s a wonderfully cool fall day to play fetch and search the yard for hidden treasures (maybe a mouse, mole or vole to dig up) there is no better place than home.

We love our back yard and are sure Sammy would enjoy visiting us here any time of the year.


Even with this celebration for Sammy we are sad to report that today he crossed the rainbow bridge. He was in poor health and that is why Madi and Easy wanted to let him travel the world with this blog hop today. As many of you already know our dear friend Easy didn’t win his battle with bloat and crossed the rainbow bridge a few days ago. We know Easy and Sammy are having a great time meeting up with all their friends that have gone to the bridge before them.

rainbow - starling flock in back yard

Here is a beautiful fall rainbow from our back yard to share with all our rainbow friends and the Angel sisters that lived here before us.


In addition to the pain from loosing Easy his pawrents have been left with a hefty vet bill that their insurance won’t cover. To help them donations are being accepted through PayPal. You can learn more about how you can help by visiting Murphy & Stanley’s blog. We made sure to get out our mom’s plastic card to send some money to Easy’s family.

It’s been a tough week in Blogville but we hope this tour of our back yard brought a smile to your face.

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