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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. We live in an area where it snows almost every day. If it isn’t from a weather system moving through then it’s from lake effect. When you live on the south (or east) side of one of the Great Lakes you get to enjoy extra snow that most of the country doesn’t.

Millie and I have been enjoying ourselves playing in it almost every day.

I love to play with my Jolly Ball

My Jolly Ball lost its rope a long time ago but I still play with it. I use the hole where the rope was to grab it.

Sometimes I like to lick the snow off it too. Here is a video of some of my ball play and of me trying to catch snow balls that my dad tossed into the big pile of snow.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

As you can see Millie was just watching me play and hunting for vermin under the snow.

We have this snow pile on our patio that our pawrents make for us to dig in. It’s snow much fun! Now I have a serious question for one of my special readers.

Miss Tuiren will you go to Paris with me next week for Valentine’s Day?

Miss Tuiren if you remember we were in Paris in 2014 for Date Day and I would love to take you back there next Wednesday for Valentine’s Day. There is going to be a blog hop where we can send a postcard to our friends to tell them all about our trip. We could even double date with Fenris and Millie if he wants to.

I sure hope she says yes! It’s snowing again today so Millie and I will be back outside playing.


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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We’re excited that tomorrow is the big K-oss Valentine’s Day party over at Murphy & Stanley’s blog.


If you remember a couple of weeks ago I asked my girl Tuiren if she would go with me. I also asked if her brother Fenris might want to escort Millie. Well they both said yes! Not only that they also sent us a couple of very lovely Valentine’s Day cards.

I love you too Tuiren!

I love you too Tuiren!

I will be your Valentine Fenris.

I can’t wait to dance with you Fenris.

We are getting spruced up for tomorrow and can’t wait to spend time with our special Valentine’s. See you all there!

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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. Have you heard about the Valentine’s Day K-oss Party that Murphy and Stanley are hosting?


The dead lion to get your pictures in is February 1st so it’s not too late. I just hope I’m not too late to ask my special girl Tuiren if she wants to go with me.


Do these red leaves look like rose pedals?

Tuiren I would be very happy if you would go to the Valentine's Day K-oss Party with me.

Tuiren I would be very happy if you would go to the Valentine’s Day K-oss Party with me.

I sure hope she says yes.

P.S. Do you think if Fenris doesn’t already have a date that maybe he could go with Millie? I wouldn’t want her to feel lonely if we are doing couples things. It’s okay if he doesn’t want to go or already has a date. I’m sure Millie would be happy to go solo if she can’t find a date.

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Hi everyone! Today is Valentine’s Day and also the big dance that the Mayor Doods are hosting for all of us.

Heart to Heart Dance

I, Walter, am attending the big event with my girlfriend Tuiren.

Don't we look great!

Don’t we look great!

She sent me a wonderful Valentine’s Day card today. I hope she doesn’t mind if I share it with all of you.

tui&waltervday2015 - lr

I love you too Tuiren and if I’m lucky I might be able to steal a kiss later today at the dance.

Millie decided to go stag this year (since our mom never tried to help her find a date) but she heard a couple of silver misty grey guys were going together and is hoping to get a dance with both of them. She especially hopes she gets to wish Goose a Happy Birthday with a dance.

Millie is ready for the dance

Millie is ready for the dance

Well we better get going. We don’t want to miss out on any of the action or any of the good food and fun. Check out the Mayor Doods blog for links to all the fun.

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I’m so excited! The Valentine’s Day Ball is here! My BFF Remy and I are double dating with the cutest doodle brothers in the world, Murphy & Stanley. Our hosts Mollie and Ranger are doing a fantastic job and already started with the red carpet to introduce everyone.

On Tuesday Remy and I had a pre-ball date with Murphy and Stanley. The parents thought it was a good idea to get to know each other a little better and boy did we have fun.

Valentines Ball - snow play date

Those doods sure knew how to show us girls a good time! We did all my favorite things. First we played fetch, then we all dug a huge hole and finally we played in the snow. We all got along great so I’m sure we will have a super time at the ball.

remy and millie primping for ball

Remy and I put on our matching dresses and spent quite a while primping for our dates in the bathroom. We wanted to look perfect when they came to pick us up. My parents made us pose for pictures with the boys before we left.

Murphy & Remy

Murphy & Remy

Don’t they make a cute couple? I just love the pear necklace Remy is wearing.

Stanley & Millie

Stanley & Millie

Stanley sure looks handsome in his tuxedo. I can’t wait to get to the dance floor. Both the boys have been perfect gentlemen so far. I’m just a little worried about what Ernie (Frankie Furters little brother) might have up his paw. He has been leaving coded messages on Murphy & Stanley’s blog for a couple of weeks. Well I’m going to try to not worry about that and just have a good time.

valentines ball car

After all the pictures were done we loaded into the boys cute yellow convertible and headed to the ball. Be sure to hop over to  Mollie and Ranger‘s blogs to see all the action.

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First a note to Murphy & Stanley…if you don’t want a sneak peek at Millie’s ball gown then don’t read any further.

Anyone that has  a young dog knows how beneficial it is to expose them to a wide variety of experiences. Charlie and I have been working to keep Millie well socialized with people and other dogs, but there is always that worry that you will push your pup further than they can handle. So far with Millie that hasn’t been a problem and she has proven to be a fairly stable pup.

With the Valentine’s Ball coming up Millie wanted to have a special dress to wear on her double date that she and Remy are going on with Murphy & Stanley. I decided I would make the girls coordinating dresses and got right to work.

Last night was a regular meeting of the Perinton Quilt Guild that I’m a member of. Each meeting usually includes a show and tell segment where members show off their recent creations. The club president suggested that we should bring some wearable art for show and tell.

Millie - PQG visit - lying on mat

The most recent wearable creation I made was Millie’s dress so I decided to take her with me. The guild meets at a community center in a large room about the size of a school classroom. I decided to purposely arrive about 10 minutes late to avoid the chaos of the early part of the meeting when everyone is milling about and getting settled into their seats. I have to tell you that nobody has ever brought their dog to a meeting and I wasn’t exactly sure how we would be received, but I figured who wouldn’t enjoy Millie’s company.

The evenings discussion was about finding quilting resources on the internet and was well under way when we entered. The room was set up so that everyone’s back was to the door when we entered. Our president Julie was the only one facing the door and as soon as we entered she got a huge grin on her face. That of course caused most of the ladies to turn to see what she was smiling at.

Millie - PQG visit - getting pets

Being the well-behaved pup that she is Millie and I were able to find a seat behind the rows of chairs and settle in quietly. As you can see in the first picture I brought a bed for her to settle on. I’m very lucky that Millie has, so far, proven to be a very non-vocal pup and never let out a peep all night. She spent the next hour visiting the ladies seated around us and being rewarded with lots of pets.

Millie - PQG visit - getting pets - giving kisses

She in turn rewarded many of them with kisses too. The discussion continued for about an hour and Millie would settle down on her mat for short periods, explore the room to the end of her leash or visit her new friends.

Millie - PQG visit - sitting on mat

After the discussion was over it was time for show and tell and Millie and I were the first to go. First I told everyone the only wearable art I had to show was for Millie and that was why I brought her. Then I explained the reason for making the dress and of course got a lot of laughs. You all know how crazy non-blogging people think we are for having all the Blogville fun that we do. I don’t let it bother me because they don’t know what they are missing! Some of the ladies sitting down front asked us to walk around since they couldn’t see Millie very well so we worked the catwalk a bit so to speak. Along the way Millie paused to greet her adoring admirers. The ladies were all surprised to find out that she was still a puppy and were remarking on how well-behaved she was. I would be lying if I didn’t confess to feeling a bit proud of my well-mannered pup.

Millie - PQG visit - laying down - getting pets

Millie was particularly fond of another late comer that sat nearby and later on I learned that she used to work as a pet sitter and was trained in TTouch. It appears that she worked her magic on Millie because eventually this was where she ended up for a little while.

Millie - PQG visit - crashed on mat

During the rest of show and tell this was where she landed. Even with the talking and applause (we always cheer each other on) she never was upset or excited. After the meeting Millie and I wandered around visiting with more of the members and she was very happy with all the attention.

Like I said I was very proud of the way Millie behaved on this new adventure. I was reasonably confident that she would do well, but you never really know what to expect with a young pup in a new situation. Remember, this is the same pup that just a week ago was showing her puppy side by eating a book and here she was acting like a very grown up dog.

Charlie and I have observed how much Millie enjoys meeting new people when we are out. She even seems to get disappointed if she is ignored as she also enjoys to give some loving back. Maybe Millie will have a career in pet therapy some day? What do you think?

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A couple of days ago after all the snow had melted and the temperature warmed up a bit I took my mom and dad to the park at the Penfield Town Hall. It is the same place where Remy and I had our first meeting.

Milllie and Cindy on small bridge Penfield Town park

We decided to spend most of our time on the wooded trails. I was walking with my mom and dad was taking pictures.

Penfield Town park - still life under ice

When he wasn’t taking pictures of us walking he was doing some artsy fartsy nature pictures.

Milllie and Cindy on boardwalk Penfield Town park

The trail has lots of nice bridges and raised walkways so you don’t have to walk in the mud if you don’t want to. Although I did try it a couple of times, but mom made me stay on the planks.

Penfield Town park - thin ice

Dad really liked the way the ice was formed around the stick. I just wanted to try to pull the stick out of the ice.

Milllie and Cindy on bridge Penfield Town park

It was a great day for a walk and even though it was a bit windy we could not feel it while we were in the woods.

Penfield Town park - tree belly

My dad calls this one “Tree Belly” because he thinks it looks like a fat belly with a belly button showing. I think he might have been drinking heavily or on something when he took that picture. 😀

Milllie and Cindy - who dat - Penfield Town park

I had a great time exploring and can’t wait to come back.

Milllie and Cindy rock climbing Penfield Town park

My mom and I even got in some rock climbing. As I mentioned before our town is full of large rocks and my mom has been teaching me to climb on them.

Millie on stone bench

This park has some really cool plantings and memorials. I always like to climb up to this stone bench and look out over the playing fields.

While I was sitting there I was dreaming about the up coming double date that Remy and I are going on with Murphy & Stanley to the Valentine’s Day Ball. You must click on their names and see the wonderful way they asked us and see their beautiful pictures. They had just been to the groomers and boy are they handsome!

Well I hope you enjoyed my walk in the park. It is supposed to be “warm” (around 40° F) today so I’m going to try to get my parents to take me to the park again. After today the weather is supposed to get real cold and SNOW all week long. I sure hope they are right because I have really been missing my digging snow pile.

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