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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. We’ve had a roller coaster of weather here this spring. One day it’s nice and cool and the next it’s like a blast furnace.

8609 - Walter standing in yard - lr

It’s a lovely day to be outside today.

We’ve been helping our parents with the garden this spring. There is always something in the perennial garden that doesn’t make it through the winter, so dad has been planting a few more shrubs in there.

Revamped mixed border 6-8-22-1 - lr

Mixed garden – View from the house

Revamped mixed border 6-8-22-2 - lr

Mixed garden – View from the yard

There are lots of flowers blooming right now with more still to come.

8608 - Walter standing in yard - lr

Let’s take a closer look at some of the flowers.

Ceasar's Brother Siberian Iris 6-2-22 - lr

Ceasar’s Brother Siberian Iris

Geum Totally Tangerine 6-2-22-2 - lr

Geum – Totally Tangerine

Therese Bugnet Rose 6-2-22 - lr

Therese Bugnet Rose

Those roses sure do smell sweet! We hope you enjoyed seeing how our garden is shaping up this season and we will try to keep you posted about all the other things going on here.

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