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Hi everyone! Today is Millie’s 5th birthday*. It’s hard to believe that the little, floppy eared, bundle of spunk that came to us at 5 months old is 5 already.

Millie on her first day in her forever home

She showed her true nature on her first day here when she decided to pick a fight with one of our garden statues.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

That looks perfect dad. Can we get it please?

She had her daddy wrapped around her little paw right from the start but seriously who could resist those eyes?

I’m cute huh?

For a while both of her ears were floppy…

…but eventually her right ear started to straighten up.

Her love for snow became apparent during her first winter.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

In April of 2013 she welcomed Walter with open paws.

What’s daddy eating?
I don’t know but he better give me some first.

Right from the start Millie has been the happiest when she is hanging out in her backyard.

I love laying under my favorite tree

Of course she enjoys sharing her yard with Walter too.

Millie has some quirks that always make us smile.

This is what Millie does every day after breakfast. It took setting up a “hidden” camera to get it on video. If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it

One thing Millie does real well is snuggle.

You call this snuggling? I say she is hogging the bed.

Her favorite place to snuggle is right next to her dad.

A Charlie Sandwich with Millie up close to her dad

Did I mention how much she likes the snow…

…or how much she enjoys hanging out in the yard under her favorite tree?

With all the work going on in the kitchen right now there won’t be much of a celebration but we will make it up to her when the project is finished. We would like to thank Madi and her mom for sending such a sweet birthday card to Millie.

Don’t tell dad that Madi came for a visit

She also received one from Walter’s sweetie Tuiren and her family.

Thanks to our friends for sending such thoughtful cards.

Happy Birthday Millie! We love you!

* We really don’t know when her birthday is but today is a close approximation.


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Hi everyone! Today we are joining Madi and Angel Easy to show their friend Sammy our favorite place in our home town.

Little Black Dog in Big Snow

Little Black Dog in Big Snow

Whether it’s right after a winter snow storm where we love to plow through the fluffy white stuff and wrestle until we look like abominable snow dogs or…

walter - little dog in big yard

Little tan dog under big tree

…it’s early spring when the trees and shrubs are just starting to bud out and the grass has started to green up or…

Walter - with toy under Katsura tree

Happy tan dog in shade of big tree

… it’s the heat of the summer where you can cool off in the shade of the Katsura tree during a game of fetch or…


Two dogs playing on a cool fall day

…it’s a wonderfully cool fall day to play fetch and search the yard for hidden treasures (maybe a mouse, mole or vole to dig up) there is no better place than home.

We love our back yard and are sure Sammy would enjoy visiting us here any time of the year.


Even with this celebration for Sammy we are sad to report that today he crossed the rainbow bridge. He was in poor health and that is why Madi and Easy wanted to let him travel the world with this blog hop today. As many of you already know our dear friend Easy didn’t win his battle with bloat and crossed the rainbow bridge a few days ago. We know Easy and Sammy are having a great time meeting up with all their friends that have gone to the bridge before them.

rainbow - starling flock in back yard

Here is a beautiful fall rainbow from our back yard to share with all our rainbow friends and the Angel sisters that lived here before us.


In addition to the pain from loosing Easy his pawrents have been left with a hefty vet bill that their insurance won’t cover. To help them donations are being accepted through PayPal. You can learn more about how you can help by visiting Murphy & Stanley’s blog. We made sure to get out our mom’s plastic card to send some money to Easy’s family.

It’s been a tough week in Blogville but we hope this tour of our back yard brought a smile to your face.

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Hi everyone! Today we are joining our friends at the Army of Four Digest with a Serene Sunday post. One of the most serene things in our yard is our linden tree. It was planted about 25 years ago fairly close to our family room to provide shade as it matured.

Linden tree in full bloom

Linden tree in full bloom

It is the anchor of our perennial garden and as it has grown has become the reason for changing some of the flowers to more shade loving. This year was one of the most prolific flowering seasons for the linden tree. If you are at all familiar with linden trees you know that the fragrance from the flowers is intoxicating.

Linden tree flowers

Linden tree flowers

When the weather is cool enough, and we have the windows open, the fragrance from the flowers just fills the house. We aren’t the only ones who enjoy these flowers. During the time the linden tree is in bloom it is overcome with every kind of bee like creature you can imagine. Here is just a little snippet of one visitor.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

If you stand under the tree during the time it is in bloom it sounds like you are standing next to a beehive. You can’t hear it in the video so you will just have to take my word for it.

The only down side to the two weeks of the sumptuously sweet smell is the mess the flowers make as they fall to the ground.

Hostas under the linden tree

Hostas under the linden tree

Usually we have periodic rains to wash the debris off the plants under the tree but this year we have been experiencing a drought.

The hosta leaves catch everything

The hosta leaves catch everything

It doesn’t seem to have an adverse effect on the hosta. Hopefully we will have a decent rain soon to wash it away. We wish someone could invent smell-o-vision so we could share the sweet scent with you but until then maybe you can find one near you. Of course you will have to wait until next year to enjoy it though.

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Hi everyone, it’s Millie here! Sorry we’ve been away for so long. There really is no excuse except that our secretary just hasn’t been very cooperative in updating our blog. Here is a picture of me in case you forgot how cute I am.

Millie - laying down

A few weeks ago mom took this video of me and thought it might be instructive for all of you.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/134105916]

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

As you can see roaching and rolling in the grass is not as simple as it might look. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to get the best stink on you. I don’t remember what it was that I was rolling in but mom and dad sure weren’t happy with me. I didn’t get a full bath but they did wet down my back to get the stink off. Oh well I guess I will just have to find another stinky thing in the yard to roll on.

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Disclaimer: We, Millie & Walter, do not condone the use of the following pictures or video on our blog. Proceed at your own risk…you’ve been warned!

Hi everyone, it’s Cindy here! Don’t listen to Millie and Walter. They don’t know what really is cute and what is not. Be prepared for some ultra cute pictures and video.

We have a very large willow tree in our front yard. Over the years many woodpeckers have hammered holes in this tree. Until recently we have never actually seen anything using these holes for homes. On a very rainy morning Charlie saw a mother squirrel bring her babies to a large hole in this willow tree.

Willow with squirrel nest - with words

She made a total of four trips to bring the whole family to the new nest. Since she was moving them during a rain storm we figured the reason was because they were getting soaked where they were.

The following day the sun came out and so did the babies.

Do you think it's safe to go out?

Do you think it’s safe to go out?
I thought mom said to stay in here.

It's okay if we stay close to the nest.

It’s okay if we stay close to the nest.

These adorable babies spent much of the day running up and down the willow tree. Here is a short video of some of the action.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

Yesterday this group of hooligans was scurrying around the backyard while Millie and Walter were inside. The pups sure had fun were frustrated watching all this action through the windows.

We actually aren’t sure if these are grey squirrels or red squirrels. We thought the mom that was carrying the babies was a grey squirrel (we were viewing during a rain storm from a long distance) but when looking at the babies they seem to have more reddish fur than expected. We do have both species living on our property so it could be either one. No matter what they are they sure are cute and fun to watch.

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Hi everyone, it’s Walter here. A few weeks ago we received a gift from one of our blogging friends Mr. N, the Tenacious Little Terrier. He also has a Facebook page that our mom checks on for us. On Facebook he asked his friends to caption a picture for a small prize and we won a penguin!

I think this penguin is almost as big as Mr. N

I think this penguin is almost as big as Mr. N

We have had quite a few days where it has been too cold to play outside so mom decided she would let me play with the penguin. I’m a lot like our friend Easy when it comes to stuffies. Scroll down to see all the fun I had.

You smell like Mr. N

You smell like Mr. N

First I work on removing the scarf

First I worked on removing the scarf

Is there something stuck to my lips?

Is there something stuck in my teeth?

I feel that squeaker in there

I feel that squeaker in there

Have to extract that squeaker from his stomach

I must remove the squeaker from his stomach

Now on to the intestines!

Now on to the intestines!

Next I have to remove the stuffing

Next I have to remove the stuffing

He is starting to look a bit thin

He is starting to look a bit thin

Digging deep for more stuffing

Digging deep for more stuffing

Not much left in here

Not much left in here

What? Is there something else on my lip?

What? Is there something on my lip?

That was a great half our of work. I'm exhausted!

That was a great half hour of work. I’m exhausted!

R.I.P. Mr. Penguin

R.I.P. Mr. Penguin

The aftermath

The aftermath

Boy did I ever have a great time. I think Easy would be proud of my skills. It took me over a half hour to create that pile of fluff from that penguin. As you can see I was very good and didn’t eat any of the stuffing or other bits I ripped out of the penguin. After that my mom got her exercise by picking up all the trash off the floor. BOL!

Thanks Mr. N for giving me something to do on one of our super cold days.

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Hi everyone! Today I’m pulling out a picture from the archives taken in September that I didn’t get around to showing you.

garden spider and prey BW - lr

click on the image to see a larger version


It is the spider whose web I showed you a while ago on a previous Black & White Sunday. When a prey lands in the spider web the spider rushes out to kill it while it is stuck in the web. After the prey dies the spider then wraps the prey in a neat little package that it can feed on later.

I’m sorry we haven’t been around commenting much but I have had a busy week of sewing projects. Some were gifts and others were orders from my Etsy shop. I hope to get around to visit everyone soon but know that I am at least reading all of your posts even though I might not be able to leave comments on all of them.

We are participating in the Black & White Sunday blog hop.


Don’t forget to Save Those Stamps!

Save Those Stamps Icon

The photo in today’s post is courtesy of Charlie.

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