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Hi everyone! It’s Cindy here. Things have been a little quiet here for the past few weeks but there is a reason for it. I’ve been working on a quilt in order to get it ready for my quilt clubs big show the Genesee Valley QuiltFest. The quilt show starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday and tonight there was a members reception where they gave out the awards.

There are two types of ribbons that are given out. One set is for professionally judged quilts and the other set is for those judged by a group of quilt club members. I only have two quilts in this show and did not submit either one for professional judging.

I arrived at the reception a little late and they had already started giving out the “club” awards. Just a few minutes after I got to the reception area I was hearing the name of my small quilt and my name read aloud for a second place ribbon!

Listening Through the Glass

This quilt is about 48 inches x 24 inches and was made to put up in our living room. There is a lot to tell about how the quilt came together but I will leave that for another day. I didn’t expect to win any awards but I’m very thankful I did.

We are joining Brian for the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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Hi everyone it’s Millie & Walter here. Today we are honoring our second Mayor Emeritus of Blogville, Miss Madi, by sharing our boxes with her. If you know any cat you know how they love boxes. We looked around our house and came up with the perfect box for Madi.

Millie Walter - with box for Madi

We think this box says it all about Miss Madi. Even though we have never met her in the furs we bet she is soft and we know from her blog she sure is a crafty cat.

Millie - sniffing boxMiss Madi will love this box. It is very roomy and she can easily hide in there for hours of enjoyment.

Walter checking inside boxIf you want Miss Madi we can even add some holes for you to look out.

Soft and Crafty Box detailsWe wanted to give you a close up of the box so you all can see what it says. We think many of those check boxes fit our Madi well. We know she has “superior resiliency”, we have seen that her furs have a “smooth consistency” and we know you are “unconditionally guaranteed” to have a good time when you visit her blog.

Sarge is hosting Madi’s Box Bash at his blog so be sure to hop on over there to see all the other boxes people have given to Madi. Thanks again Miss Madi for your great work as our Mayor for the past two years.

P.S. We apologize to all our readers that receive our post in an email for the empty post you received earlier. That’s what happens when your secretary starts to work on a post, schedules it to post, and then never comes back to work on it. Sorry Sarge but our mom deleted that first post and unfortunately your comment with it.

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We are honored to have received the Yoo-Hoo Award from our friends over at The Poupounette. Thanks for thinking of us for this fun award. If you don’t already know the Poupounette gang you should go visit them. With one dog, four cats, two horses and #1 (that’s what they call their human) there is something for everyone to enjoy. Oh yeah, they also live in France which is heaven if you are a dog. Did you know dogs go almost everywhere their humans go in France, even to restaurants?

The Yoo-Hoo Award

The Yoo-Hoo Award

We are supposed to tell you three things we have to celebrate:

I love hanging out in our yard on a beautiful spring day!

I love hanging out in our yard on a beautiful spring day!

1) Spring! Yes it has finally reached us and we are so happy to be able to get out into our yard and enjoy the green grass under your toes.

Cooling down after some fun in the yard.

Cooling down after some fun in the yard.

2) Siblings. We are so happy that our pawrents picked us to be together. We are a great match in size and temperament and we both love to play and run around our house and yard together.

Keeping cool

Keeping cool

3) Big Dogs Big Hearts! This is the rescue group that both of us came from. Without them we wouldn’t be together and we wouldn’t be here. Thanks BDBH for all you do for lots of dogs all the time.

We are supposed to pass this award on to seven other blogs. We’re not quite sure who has had it yet so our apologies if it’s already come your way. We would like to pass it on to:

  1. Walter’s girlfriend Tui and her family at Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs
  2. The cutest Doodle boys around – Murphy & Stanley
  3. Millie’s near twin Lee and her brother Phod over at The Hailey & Zaphod Chronicles
  4. Stella, Angus and Maggie from The Three Little Pugs
  5. Dory, Jakey, Arty and Bilbo over at Dory’s Backyard
  6. Tweedles at Through the Eyes of Tweedles
  7. Bunny, Morgan, Küster & Flattery from Tales & Tails

We love all our Blogville friends and had a difficult time picking just 7 to honor. We hope if you don’t already know one of the nominated blogs that you will go visit them and say hi.

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Millie - happy girl


Hi everyone! It’s Millie here to tell you about an award I received a couple of days ago.

The Opposites Attract Award

The Opposites Attract Award


The very studly Vidock from the Poupounette gang over in France gave me the Opposites Attract Award. Now if you don’t know Vidock and his family you should hop over for a visit. Just to prove how opposite we are I borrowed a couple of pictures of Vidock from their blog (I hope his mom doesn’t mind).



See what I mean? Not only is Vidock an opposite by being a boy but as you can see he is also a horse. He is a very handsome Percheron stallion to be specific.

I would love to kiss his snip!

I would love to kiss his snip!

For a stallion he sure is a gentleman and loves to give kisses to anyone willing to pucker up.

I like this award since there aren’t very many rules. So now all I have to do is pass this award on to some other bloggers. I have decided to use a wide range of descriptions for my “opposites”. First up is our esteemed Mayor Miss Madi. We may be similar because we are both girls but she is a CAT and I am a dog but I think she is a really cool cat!

Next up on my opposite list is Coccolino the Mini Pet Pig. This cute little guy actually lives near me, but we have never met. How cool would it be to meet a little pig?

Last on my list is Nim from the Quilting Doberman. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his mom and two cats. I think he is pretty cute too {{blushes}}.

Now for my big announcement!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day around here. Not only is it my First Gotcha Day but it is also Walter’s First Birthday!!!! So be sure to come back tomorrow for a big HUGE party! You are all invited to come by and help us celebrate.

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The weather around here has been pretty gloomy lately so it was nice to find out that Sage of The (mis)Adventures of Sage gave us the Sunshine Award.


We are new followers of Sage and think she is a super fun dog. Every time she goes for a hike her goal is to find a puddle to splash in. She also enjoys the view from her kitty siblings cat tree, but the kitties aren’t so sure they like having her there.


If you don’t already know Sage you should visit her blog and say “Hi”!

So now on to the award requirements. First we have to answer 7 questions:

  1. Favorite Number? I have always been partial to “3”. Other than it being the day of my birth I don’t know why. Millie doesn’t have a favorite number as far as I know.
  2. Favorite non-alcoholic beverage? I love a tall cool glass of milk. Millie has only ever had water so I guess that would have to be her favorite.
  3. Facebook or Twitter? I’m on Facebook and have a Twitter account that I don’t use. Millie has no idea what any of that is.
  4. Your Passion? I guess my passion would be anything to do with sewing and generally being crafty. I just learned how to crochet so I’m enjoying that too.  Millie’s passion is definitely to dig her way to China. We don’t mind when she does it in a snow pile, but digging in her daddy’s garden is not appreciated.
  5. Favorite Pattern? As someone who sews I’m not sure if you mean a graphic pattern or one that I use for sewing. LOL! My favorite sewing pattern right now is for my drawstring project bags that I can now make in my sleep. My favorite graphic pattern is paisley. Millie likes that pattern her paws make in the snow.
  6. Favorite Day of the Week? Every day! I’m retired so sometimes I don’t even know what day it is! Millie feels the same way since she doesn’t have any concept of a work week. What a lucky dog!
  7. Favorite Flower? I love roses, especially the Ragusa roses we have in our yard. The smell is just divine. Millie is too young to know what a flower is, but we will see what she thinks come spring.

Now we are supposed to pass this award on to some of our fellow bloggers. The rules say we are supposed to pass it on to 10 other bloggers, but we know many of you have already received this award. We will try to name a few that are special to us or we think haven’t received this award yet.

First up is The Quilting Doberman! Nim and his mom live in the Pacific Northwest and go on lots of hiking adventures. He also is working his way toward a Rally Obedience title. Oh yeah Nim’s mom is also a quilter and shares her other crafts too. I found this blog from a quilting blog hop, but have it among my list of pet blogs.

Our next awardee is Rottrover. Bart and Ruby are a couple of fun-loving Rottweilers that do a lot of hiking and swimming. If you don’t know them you should visit them and say hello.

Third on our list is Spotty, Spotty, Polkadotty. Blueberry is a blue heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) mix that lives in Arizona. Who doesn’t just love the name of her blog? I love the way it rolls off your tongue.

Last on our list is Sagira’s Agility Adventures. Sagira is a very talented husky/sheltie mix who has already earned a bunch of titles. The name of her blog is a bit misleading since her blog is about her and all her siblings. She has a younger brother Bokeh, an Australian shepherd who is working toward becoming a world-class frisbee dog, an older sister Starr who is a Weimaraner and just recently they added a border collie puppy to their family. Her mom is very active in Weimaraner rescue too.

Well there you have it. Thanks again Sage for giving us this award.

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The Key to Blogville

I wanted to give a big thanks to Blogville and all its residents, especially Mayor Frankie Furter, for bestowing me with the key to blogville.  It is a great honor to be acknowledged by such a great group of pets and peeps for my contribution to the Fearless Five Memory Quilt.

Being a part of this project brought me out of the shadows as one who previously read many of your blogs, but didn’t comment often and also didn’t post on my own blog.  It is difficult to describe to those who don’t participate in this blogging community just how great a group it is to be a part of.  We may never meet in real life, but many of us consider each other friends just the same.

I have to thank Agnes, What’s Her Name from Dachsies With Moxie, for allowing me to help with this quilt and becoming a new friend.  As a quilter my first reaction to a tragedy like what Sandra and her family went through is to make a quilt, but in keeping with their wishes I didn’t want to make one that they would have to find a place to store until their home could be rebuilt.  This quilt was definitely the exception to that wish and if it weren’t for all of those who contributed to this quilt I wouldn’t have been able to help make it for Sandra either.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank my husband, Charlie, for allowing me to be “chained to my sewing machine” and not doing much other than that for almost a week to be able to complete the quilt as soon as possible.  He even helped me with the basting and taking pictures.  Of course Nina was also there offering her moral support and telling me about everyone who sent in fabric from what she could smell about them.  She was quite mesmerized by all she could sniff on that quilt and would linger for quite some time deciphering all the scents.

According to the UPS tracking, the quilt is due to arrive in Houston by Tuesday this week.  I can’t wait to show all of you how the quilt turned out and a little about my part of the process.

Thanks again for this wonderful honor.  It is great to be part of such a great community and I love you all.

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A couple of weeks ago I was given the Liebster Award by a remarkable quilting blogger.  Giles of Touch and Sew is not only a quilter, but he is legally blind.  This doesn’t stop him from pursuing a hobby that most of us couldn’t imagine doing without full sight.  I first found Giles’ blog when he entered his first quilt in the online quilt show “Men Quilt Too” in September of last year and was surprised to find out he lives in the Rochester, NY area too! To date we have not met in person and unfortunately Giles will likely be moving back to England sometime in March, but I hope we can meet up before he leaves.  I find his story very inspiring and would love to meet him. You should pop over to his blog and get to know him.

So my next order of business is to nominate 5 other bloggers.  I thought this might be tough, but after looking around some of my favorites haven’t previously received this award.  Some of the blogs I chose are more pet oriented and are familiar with me, but a couple are primarily quilting blogs that I find very inspiring.  All of the blogs I have chosen involve crafting and quilting for some of their posts.  So without further ado and in no particular order here is my list:

  1. Dachsies With Moxie – Well I think many of you know that Agnes (who some of you know as What’s Her Name) and I have both contributed a lot of time to a special quilt recently.  We have traded numerous emails over the past few weeks and I consider Agnes a friend now.  I love her blog and have told her I feel a bit embarrassed when she refers to me as blogvilles’ “world-class quilter”, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel good to be appreciated too.  She has recently promoted my endeavors to start a business selling hand-made bags on her blog. Thanks Agnes.
  2. Dog Eared – I have to say that Mollie Jo, her brother Bobo and Uncle Puppy always make me smile when I visit their blog.  Not only is her mom a great seamstress creating numerous dresses for Mollie Jo to model, but she also makes quilts and enjoys creating machine embroidered things as well. Mollie Jo and her mom also open their home to foster pups on a regular basis and recently took in a real cutie.  As the main voice of the blog Mollie Jo is often going on adventures and modeling her many outfits and recently won the Too Darn Cute category and Best In Show at Mango Minster.
  3. Bags by KZK – Now at first blush this blog might not be familiar to most of you, but if you look closely you will see some very familiar faces.  This is the quilting blog written by the mom of Dave and Zim, of the Army of Four Digest.  On this blog Karen usually goes into more detail of her quilting and crafting projects that are occasionally mentioned on the boys blog.  Of course Dave, the guide dog for the color blind, often makes an appearance helping his mom pick fabrics and proper thread colors for her projects. I enjoy learning more about Karen’s process as she creates her projects.
  4. Nero’s Post and Patch – You might think when you first visit this blog that it is about Nero the dog since he is prominently featured in the header, but it is really about his mom Teje and her quilting adventures.  Her blog describes her as “a Finnish woman living in Greece filling her days with fabric, wool and dogs”, but her cat Nelli recently posted about how she helps her mom in her sewing studio. Teje is also “owned” by two other dogs.  Check out her blog for not only some beautiful quilts, but gorgeous scenery from around Greece.
  5. Quilts of Love – This longarm quilter from Maine has become my quilting inspiration.  I wish I could see her work in person as it never ceases to amaze me.  Most of the quilts she works on are not her own as she quilts tops clients have sent her, but I really love the ones she has created the best.  So far what I have seen of her quilts I absolutely love her choice in colors. Just so you don’t think this quilter is devoid of pets she and her family are owned by two cats who make occasional appearances on her blog.  If you are a quilter you must visit this blog and be blown away by her awesome quilting and even if you aren’t a quilter you will still be blown away by the beauty of her and her clients work.

So there you have my recipients of the Liebster Award.  By the way in case you didn’t already know liebster is a German word that translates to “dearest” and that is how I feel about all of my new friends in blogville.  You are all dear to me.  Thanks again to Giles for presenting me with this award.

Now for those of you that I presented this award to the rules state that you should:

  • Thank your award presenter on your blog
  • Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award
  • Copy and paste the award to your blog
  • Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that you think deserve to be recognized
  • Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog

I completely understand if you don’t want to follow the rules so don’t feel like you have to.  Just enjoy the accolades and maybe you will make some new friends too.





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Mission Accomplished

Well, it’s been over a week since my last post, but there is a good reason for my lack of communication.  I also haven’t been commenting much on anyone’s blogs either and for that I apologize. Just as What’s Her Name from Dachsies With Moxie was chained to her sewing machine until she finished the Fearless Five Memory quilt top I too had been chained to my sewing machine until it was done being quilted.

I am happy to report that the quilt is done and packaged to be shipped tomorrow morning.  Sorry no pictures yet as we all want Sandra and her family to see the finished product before we let the rest of the world in on its beauty.  I will fill you in on my part of the process after I get the all clear that the delivery has been completed.  Until then you will just have to take my word for it that the quilt truly is a labor of love from all of us.

I have a few blogging things to catch up on in the next week.  Nina won a $50 gift certificate to Mr. Chewy from Wyatt and will be doing a review of her treats soon.  I also was given an award that needs to be acknowledged and Nina was tagged by the Dachsies With Moxie and will be answering those questions soon.

Knitters Project Bags

In the mean time a few of you have placed orders for project bags so I will be contacting you for details and get working on them soon.  Word has it that a few of them that I sent to Michigan have already sold.  I’m hoping they will sell out of them soon so I will have more work to do.

I almost forgot to thank Puddles and her mom for including a nice bag of treats for Nina when they sent their fabric square to be added to the quilt.  She loves them.  Sorry there are no pictures to show just how much she enjoys them since Nina runs and hides anytime she sees the camera come out.  I keep trying to figure out how to sneak up on her with the camera, but so far I have not been successful.  If any of you have any suggestions on how to train a 14-year-old dog who is afraid of flashing lights to accept a camera in her face then let me know.


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