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Millie’s Musings – New Friends

Hi everyone, it’s Millie here to tell you about what a great time I had on Friday. I had some visitors come to meet me and mommy at our house! It was fellow blogger Lily Belle and her mommy Kim!

When they first got to our house I went out front to greet them.  Lily and I gave each other a good sniff.

Then we went out to the back yard so I could show Lily where I like to play. I got down to her level so we could talk at eye level.

After a while we went and sat on the patio where I gave Lily and her mommy some kisses. You might notice that we both kept our walking strings on during our visit. Since I’m such a young puppy my mommy didn’t want me to go crazy and knock Miss Lily over. I didn’t mind at all.

The best part was when Mrs. Kim gave me some presents! There were treats and a squeaky dodo bird and a card that I can eat!

Oh yeah there were also some special pickles that Kim and her husband made for my mommy and daddy to enjoy and a nice mum with a card in memory of my angel sister Nina.

We went inside for a little while because Mrs. Kim needed to pick out fabric for a special project my mommy is doing for her. I just had fun snuggling with Lily and Mrs. Kim.

Mrs. Kim gives good belly rubs too!

Before they left we made sure to get a picture of all of us girls together. I think there must have been a squirrel in the yard since neither Lily or I were looking at daddy while he took the picture. It sure was fun to meet a fellow blogger in the fur and flesh. It’s too bad that Lily and her family are heading off to Florida for the next 6 months real soon.  The good thing is that when they get back north I will be a big grown up girl and maybe not such a rambunctious puppy. Thanks for all the pressies Lily Belle and Mrs. Kim! It sure was fun having you come visit me.

By the way did you see the cool bandana my mommy made for me? I think I look real hawt in pink with the tattoo “Rescue” embroidery on it.

Oh yeah, mommy wanted me to tell you not to worry about us and some girl named Sandy. She is supposed to make it rain (about 5″ expected!) and make the wind blow, but we are not worried. Mommy says we have something called a Jenny-rator to keep the lights on and plenty of food too so we are prepared.

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Hi everyone! Millie here to tell you about the fun weekend I had. Today I will tell you about meeting my Grandparents.

I sit for treats!

When they first came in the house they had some treats for me. I was such a good girl (according to everyone there). I didn’t bark or make any noise for that matter and I always sit before anyone gives me a treat.

Grandma gives good scritches

After the initial greeting we went outside so everyone could see the pretty fall colors in the yard and I could take care of any “business” I needed to.

Pretty Fall colors

I wandered around the yard a bit and picked up a small stick.

This one’s for you Goose!

Mommy and daddy are discovering that I am very fond of sticks. This is a small one, but I have also tried to drag around some that are bigger than me too.

What’s in your hand Grandpa?

After a little stick time I discovered that Grandpa had some treats.

Nom, nom, nom.

And to thank him I was very generous with the kisses too!

Thanks for the treats Grandpa?

Grandpa your moustache tickles!

We had a great time visiting and everyone kept saying how cute I am…

I’m cute huh?

and what a good girl I was.

Looking Good

After we spent some time outside we went back inside and I just fell asleep while the adults hung out and chatted. I think I made a good first impression on Grandma and Grandpa and I hope they come back soon. I love you Grandma and Grandpa!

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The first thing I have to do is acknowledge the prize drawing I won a few weeks back.  During the Back to School Bash I hosted a comment-a-thon to raise money for the Houston Pittie Pack. The money I donated went into a drawing for a scarf that Madi’s mom crocheted and donated as a prize drawing. After all the raffle money had been collected Puddles was selected to do the drawing for the scarf and I won! In addition to the scarf the package came with a lovely card that was custom-made just for me and said that the scarf would give me a hug every time I wear it. I will also never be able to put it on without thinking of Madi and her mom.

Crochet Scarf from Madi’s mom

I tried to enlist Charlie to take a picture of me wearing the scarf, but even though he is great at some photography, portraits are not his thing. I decided to display the scarf on my mannequin instead.  I wish you all could feel just how soft this scarf is. Not only will it keep me warm, but I love that it isn’t scratchy either. Being a new hooker myself I can really appreciate the effort that went into making such a beautiful piece. By the way Charlie likes that the scarf is in such neutral colors so he may even wear it some this winter too.

A few weeks before I won the scarf, and before I even thought about trying to win it, I started working on my own crocheted scarf and matching hat.

Originally I picked up this yarn thinking I would make an afghan, but I loved the softness and decided some winter accessories would be more practical. I also want to make some hats for the Warmth for Warriors project and thought it would be a good idea to practice on one for myself first.

Top View

Side View

The hat is fairly simple and worked in the round. That means you start at the top with just a few stitches and keep adding stitches in a circle around it. I love the way this yarn makes stripes as you go. That is even more pronounced with the scarf.

The pattern I used for the scarf was adapted from a hooded scarf pattern I found in the February 2012 issue of Crochet World. It uses a large stitch they call a “V” stitch and worked up quite fast. I used two skeins of yarn to complete this. I still have a few skeins left and plan on making a pair of mittens to complete the ensemble.

Deborah Norville – Serenity Chunky Weight – Color Stormy

I think that this winter I will not only be warm, but look good too.  Thanks Madi and Mom! I love my scarf (and might have a difficult time keeping Charlie from monopolizing it)!

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Taken in front of the Life is Good store in Pittsford, NY.

We are participating in the Black & White Sunday blog hop.

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Hi everyone! I have to tell you about the adventure I had on Monday.  Mommy and Daddy got up early and we all went in the car for a little ride. We went into this building, it said Clark Animal Care Center on the outside, and all the ladies behind this big counter started to squee out loud and said how cute I was. Some of them came out from behind the counter and gave me pets and treats too.

I was starting to think this was a great place to visit and then the humiliation started. They made me get on the scale and then announced to the whole place that I weighed 30 pounds! A girl never wants everyone to know just what her weight is, but I will let it go for now because everyone says I look much thinner than the scale indicates.

We waited in this big room for a while. I was getting a bit confused because something kept whistling to me, but I couldn’t see him. Mommy said it sounded like what construction workers do to pretty women when they walk by. I decided I had to figure out who was doing it.

We walked around the corner and found this guy singing his heart out. He did get quiet when I got closer though! Eventually we were taken to a smaller room where we waited a bit more.

Mom and dad talked to a girl for a little bit and then Dr. Dan came in.

He gives good scritches…

and was generous with the treats too! Everything was going great until they put me on the table.

I gave Dr. Dan some kisses so he knew how sweet I was and then…

I caught him messing around with my backside! I flashed him a raspberry to show him I didn’t think he should be messing with my butt! The best part was yet to come though.

The next thing I know the girl put a whole plate full of baby food in front of me and I did my best to clean it all off as fast as I could. You never know when they might take it away from you. I hardly realized that Dr. Dan was at my backside again although I swear I felt a little pinch while I was enjoying my treat. I’m not sure what that was all about.

Overall I really enjoyed this adventure and I can’t wait to go back. Apparently I will be going back for another round of baby food feeding soon.

Note from Mommy: Millie was given the first of two vaccines for Leptospirosis and will be going back in a few weeks for the second dose. She already has all her other vaccines so that was the only she got this time. Also appologies to the vet tech as I didn’t get her name.

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If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

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