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Hi everyone. It’s Cindy here. Mother Nature must be confused about what time of year it is. While most of my Blogville friends have been posting pictures of leafed out trees and flowers popping from the ground we are stuck with snow.

My mom (who lives near me) has been spending the past few weeks with her brother in Arizona so I thought I would send her a postcard.

The real irony of the above picture is the contrast between what is outside and the picture on the calendar to the right of the sliding door. Let me zoom in on the calendar for you.

What a lovely picture of a dog laying next to a spring blooming shrub. It will be over a month before we could attempt to recreate that picture. It snowed off and on all day yesterday and the high temperature for the next few days will be in the 30’s about 20 degrees below average.

Just another look at yesterday’s weather

Now I thought I would brighten up this post with a couple pictures my mom took of the cacti blooming in Arizona.

Those are pretty flowers. I hope in a few weeks I will be able to show you some of our own flower pictures.

We are joining Rosy for this weeks Flower Friday. Stop by her blog to see what other blogs are doing. They probably have flowers of their own to show.

P.S. To Mom: I hope you don’t mind that I stole a couple of your pictures. Make sure you dress for cold weather when you come home next week.

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