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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. Do you have jobs around your house that you do to help out your pawrents? Well I do and it is so much fun.

Every day when the mail comes I wait for my pawrents to sort through it.

Then they hand me the junk mail and I take care  of it for them.

This junk mail is a bit gamy.

Here is a little video of how I help.

If you can’t see the video you can go to view it.

Sometimes I help by making big envelopes into a jigsaw puzzle. I’m really good at just ripping things apart and not eating any of it. The fun part is in the end my pawrents have to clean up all the mess. I would love to hear about the jobs you do to help your pawrents around the house.


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Hi everyone! It’s Millie and Walter here. There’s been a heat wave hitting much of our country and our friends in Canada too. Because of it we haven’t been able to play outside for much at all so this is how we are beating the heat.

I like to make sure my ear is properly cooled.

As you can see I like to take full advantage of all the cool air blowing out of our vents with the AC on. It’s not as soft as a pillow but it kept me cool.

I don’t need an air vent to keep me cool.

Millie is a heat worshiper so she doesn’t need to lay against a vent to keep cool. When we do go outside she likes to just lay in the sun and roll around on the grass. What a silly girl. She is almost like a solar panel always trying to charge her batteries.

The high temp yesterday. Today’s high so far is 98°!

For our foreign friends 97° F is equal to 36° C. If you add in the humidity the “feels like” temp yesterday was over 100° F. We sure will be happy when this heat wave is over and hope all our friends are finding ways to keep cool too.

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Hi everyone. It’s Millie here. We’ve seen on some of our friends blogs that spring has sprung in their neck of the woods. Well around here Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the message yet.

Sniffing for something under the snow.

We had a slight break in February with no snow but for the past few weeks our yard has been covered in snow. Of course neither Walter or I are complaining. As a matter of fact we love it and can’t wait to get out to play every day.

There’s nothing like a good roll in the snow

One of my favorite things to do is find a nice spot that hasn’t yet been trampled and take a snow bath. You don’t know what a snow bath is? Let me show you.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

Please excuse the loud footsteps. The snow is soft and a few inches deep so it makes a loud noise whenever my mom the camera person takes a step.

The snow in the perennial garden was nice and deep

I pushed myself around in a circle leaving a mound in the middle.

After Walter interrupted me in the perennial garden I had to find a new place to finish my bath.

You really have to get your head in the snow for the best results

I feel refreshed now

I also want to apologize for the lighting not being very good. That’s the problem with being a black dog on a bright sunny day with snow on the ground.

The calendar might say spring arrives tomorrow but we are still stuck in below normal temps and tonight’s low will be in the teens! We hope we can get a few more days of snow fun before it’s all gone for the season.

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Hi everyone! It’s Walter here. We live in an area where it snows almost every day. If it isn’t from a weather system moving through then it’s from lake effect. When you live on the south (or east) side of one of the Great Lakes you get to enjoy extra snow that most of the country doesn’t.

Millie and I have been enjoying ourselves playing in it almost every day.

I love to play with my Jolly Ball

My Jolly Ball lost its rope a long time ago but I still play with it. I use the hole where the rope was to grab it.

Sometimes I like to lick the snow off it too. Here is a video of some of my ball play and of me trying to catch snow balls that my dad tossed into the big pile of snow.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

As you can see Millie was just watching me play and hunting for vermin under the snow.

We have this snow pile on our patio that our pawrents make for us to dig in. It’s snow much fun! Now I have a serious question for one of my special readers.

Miss Tuiren will you go to Paris with me next week for Valentine’s Day?

Miss Tuiren if you remember we were in Paris in 2014 for Date Day and I would love to take you back there next Wednesday for Valentine’s Day. There is going to be a blog hop where we can send a postcard to our friends to tell them all about our trip. We could even double date with Fenris and Millie if he wants to.

I sure hope she says yes! It’s snowing again today so Millie and I will be back outside playing.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie and Walter here. This is our favorite corner of the family room. We love the way the windows go all the way down to the floor so we can keep our eyes on the backyard.

I think I was here first
It’s so nice to snuggle with you Millie but I think I was here first

We hope you all have a great and snuggly Sunday too.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. It’s so rare this time of year to see the sun out that we both wanted to squeeze into the corner of the family room where the windows go all the way down to the floor. We hope you like our “usie”.

After posing for our picture we decided to do a little snuggling and snoozing. It’s warming up here which means our snow is melting. We hope it doesn’t all disappear.

We are joining, The Cat on My Head, for our first entry in their Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie and Walter here. First we have to apologize to Rosy and Lady Shasta for taking so long to do this post. We of course are blaming our mom for dragging her feet.

Look at these pressie packages!

Millie’s pressie package arrived first so we will show you that one first.

I have to help get it out of the box.

Thanks for these great pressies Rosy!

Everything was in that cute burlap bag and there was even a magnet for our mom’s car. She will put it on sometime after she washes it the next time.

Here is a video of us opening the pressie package and our first reactions to the pressies.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

Thanks Rosy. You sure know how to shop for a gal.

Now it’s time to show you what Walter got from Lady Shasta.

It took some work but I finally got this bag open.

There were four wrapped packages inside.

All of these smell good.
Can I help you open anything?

I’ll open this one for you Walter.

Look at all the great pressies Walter got.

Here is a video of the action to get Walter’s pressie package open and our reaction to what was inside.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

Thanks Lady Shasta. You sure know how to shop for a guy.

I spent most of my time playing with the gator toy and we put the treats right in our cookie jar. I will wait to use those tennis balls until the winter is over. I wouldn’t want to loose them in the snow. Mom wouldn’t let us eat the two big cookies right away but we did try them a couple of days later and boy were they tasty.

Well that is what we got from the Blogville Christmas Gift Exchange. We want to thank Oreo and his mom for coordinating it and of course a big thanks to Rosy and Lady Shasta for being such great shoppers.

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