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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We’ve just finished a crazy week (or so). Let’s catch you up.

It all started last Wednesday night, March 8th. Our area in Rochester, NY was experiencing a very nasty wind storm. The gusts were predicted to be around 60 mph but the highest gust registered that day was 84 mph! Needless to say by 7:30 pm we lost power. Mom and dad gathered some lights and candles and we all settled down in the bedroom hoping the power would come back soon.

Hooking by Headlamp

It was too early to go to bed so mom did some crochet with the help of her headlamp. We finally turned off the lights and went to bed around 9:30 pm. By 7 am we were awake and cold. Thanks to our gas fireplace we didn’t stay cold for long. Mom was worried about the food in the fridge and freezer so she got our generator going and then we had some lights too. Luckily our power came back on by about 3 pm.

Our Oma wasn’t so lucky she lost power the same day as us and after spending a couple nights with friends came to our house on Saturday since her house was still without power.

Oma you give good pats

We enjoyed having an extra pair of hands around to pet us and one more plate to lick clean after each meal. Oma was lucky to get her power back late the next day so she went home after dinner Sunday.

All was calm around here for about 24 hours and then Snow Storm Stella made her way to us. It snowed for about 48 hours straight and when it was all done we had over 26 inches (about 66 cm) of new snow on the ground! That’s 3rd on the all time list for continuous snow in March for our area.

Look at the snow drifts on our patio and roof!

We didn’t let a little snow stop us from enjoying a our time outside though. Dad had to clean some snow off the roofs below our skylights.

The snow was over mom’s knees.

And mom had to fill up the suet feeder for the birds. It was still snowing and blowing so hard it was coming down sideways.

I’m going to catch you Millie

We did what we usually do and had a blast dashing through the snow.

I have to break a trail to the big tree

You can see how deep the snow is but that didn’t slow us down at all.

Good work on the roof dad

Here is a video of some of our action.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to view it.

I love to just sit in the snow

Millie just loves to sit in the snow waiting for Walter to come out and play with her but sometimes she would just take off behind the plantings to explore.

Where did she go?

We didn’t let Stella slow us down and had a great time playing. It was quite cold at around 15° F (-9° C) so the snow was a very fine, dry powder.

Will this be our last storm of the season?

As you can see we made the most of a crazy week. It’s been a couple of days since all that snow fell and our temps have climbed to the upper 30’s (3-4° C). All that snow has started to melt and the snow pack has shrunk to about 6-8″.

This might not be our last snow of the season but we sure don’t expect to get that much again until next year. After such a mild February this March has been quite wild so far.

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Hi Everybody it’s Millie here!

Hey mom, I'm bored!

Hey mom, I’m bored!

The weather has been terrible for getting outside to play in our yard. This is the face I give my mom or dad when I want them to do something for me. Do you think they can make it snow so we can play in the white fluffy stuff?

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Hi Everybody it’s Walter here!

Nothing better than snuggling with your daddy

There’s nothing better than snuggling with your daddy

In case you are wondering I find this position to be very comfortable. I always feel secure in my dad’s arms. Happy Father’s Day!

We are participating in the Black & White Sunday blog hop.


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Walter, lay down...you're blocking my sun. {{sigh}} Sisters!

Walter, put your head down…you’re blocking my sun.
{{sigh}} Sisters!

We are participating in the Black & White Sunday blog hop.


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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We’re sorry we haven’t been blogging much but you know how difficult it can be to get good help sometimes. Well one of the things we have to tell you about is that our mom is abandoning us for about a week to go to a family wedding. She has promised to try to keep up reading your blogs but she probably won’t be able to comment on them. Don’t worry about us because our dad is staying home with us and we are sure we can con him into giving us a few extra treats while mom is gone.

Now we want to tell you about some crazy weather we have been having around here.

This crazy spirea is pushing out leaves a few months early.

This crazy spirea is pushing out leaves a few months early.

Last year at this time of year we had our usual covering of over a foot of snow in our yard. This year we are way below average for snow fall and right now we don’t have any in the yard. Mom and dad were saying they can’t remember a time when our grass looked so green in February.

I'll get that bone out of there soon.

I’ll get that bone out of there soon.

We enjoyed some time with stuffed Kongs.

If I tip it up like this maybe the bone will fall out.

If I tip it up like this maybe the bone will fall out.

Then daddy brought out Walter’s favorite toy…the Kong Jumbler!

Hey Cindy are you watching this?

Hey mom are you watching this?

Walter goes crazy for this toy and will play almost forever. Here is a little video mom took of the action.

If you can’t see the video you can go here to see it.

That Jumbler sure takes some silly bounces

That Jumbler sure takes some silly bounces

We have enjoyed being able to play in our yard without so much snow and we know mom and dad don’t miss having to trudge through knee deep snow either.

Well we hope to be back in action by the Valentine’s Day Parade that Sarge and Frankie & Ernie are hosting.

And just one little reminder…

Don’t forget to start sending us your stamps when you think you’ve received all your Christmas cards. Just leave a comment if you need our mailing address. Thanks to those of you that have already sent your stamps to us.

Save Those Stamps Icon

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Millie Walter - Sunpuddle snoozing -lr

Okay just a few words…Millie was stretched out on the dog bed so Walter squeezed in under my chair to lay in the sun puddle. It took some acrobatics to get this picture while sitting in the chair and not wake them up.

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Millie Walter - snuggling - lr

Hi everyone. It’s Millie & Walter here. This is a picture from a few days ago. The day before this picture was taken our mom had some friends over and we were still exhausted the following day. We hope you are having a snuggle filled Sunday too.

Sorry we haven’t been around much. Our mom has been working her fingers to the bone with orders from her Etsy shop. We are trying to catch up on reading everyone’s blogs and hope to after the Christmas rush.

We have been getting lots of cards from all our friends and will do an official update on that soon but we thought you would like to know what the current count is:

Millie & Walter

35 Snail Mail cards

10 e-cards

Total Card Count – 45

Mom & Dad

7 Snail Mail cards

2 e-cards*

Total Card Count – 9 7

* Cards from business so they don’t really count

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