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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It’s Millie and Walter here. We are joining our friends and have hopped on the Blogville Pawty Plane for a Valentine’s Day trip to Paris!

We are double dating with Walter’s girl Tuiren and her brother Fenris. After we landed in Paris each couple had different plans on how we wanted to spend our time. Millie and Fenris started out their day with a nice lunch on a rooftop terrace and then finished the day with a moonlight stroll around the city. Here is the postcard Millie & Fenris sent home.

Walter and Tuiren had different plans and went straight to the Eiffel Tower where we enjoyed running up and down all those steps. We worked up quite an appetite so we finished the night with a romantic gourmet dinner where we could see the Eiffel Tower all lit up. Here is Walter and Tuiren’s postcard home.

Millie was blushing when we got back on the plane to go home so we think Fenris might have stolen a kiss along the way. Tuiren was a little nervous when the plane took off so Walter sat next to her so he could hold her paw.

We all had a great time and just wish we could have spent more time there. Maybe some other time we will all go for a longer visit. Be sure to stop by the Postcards From Paris blog hop that Mayor Arty has organized to see all the fun everyone had.

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Today we are joining our Blogville friends to remember Dory the Flower Friday Queen.

We don’t have much in bloom right now but one of the things we do have blooming is our cherry trees.

Cherry tree blossoms

Dory was as perfect and sweet as the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.

Honey bee on Cherry tree

We know her three brothers are missing her and trying to figure out life without her. Blogville misses Dory and her beautiful smile too. We are sending hugs to Dory’s pawrents and hope they are feeling the love from all of us today and every day.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We wanted to make sure we got in on Dory’s “No Tricks Just Treats for Shelters” blog hop. It was kind of a trick that lead to us having these treats to donate.

Hey Millie look what Chewy.com sent us by accident What do you mean by accident?

Hey Millie look what Chewy.com sent us by accident
What do you mean by accident?

You may remember from our post yesterday that we received our monthly treats from Chewy.com to taste test. Well the very next day we found another box from Chewy on our doorstep and we hadn’t ordered anything. There were these two bags in the box. One is Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Lamb Formula Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper and the other was Wellness CORE Pure Rewards Grain-Free Beef & Venison Jerky Bites Dog Treats.

What do you think we should do with these? Aren't we going to do a taste test?

What do you think we should do with these?
Aren’t we going to do a taste test?

Our mom sent an email to Miss Sydney at Chewy.com and she said we could review them or we could give them away to a friend or shelter.

What did you say mom? We have to give these away?

What did you say mom?
We have to give these away?

Mom said that since Dory is hosting this fun event encouraging all of us to support our local shelters and rescue groups that it would be a good idea if we gave these to our rescue, Big Dogs Big Hearts.

I was really looking forward to tasting these jerky bites. Do you think the foster dogs will like these mom?

I was really looking forward to tasting these jerky bites.
Do you think the foster dogs will like these mom?

Well mom thought the dogs in foster care with our rescue would love to have these. We bet the foster pawrents can use them to do some training with them.

Okay mom.  I guess it's okay to give these away.

Okay mom. If you think that is the best thing to do we will give them away.
We know how much the rescue dogs will enjoy them although I was so looking forward to trying the jerky.

Our mom said they will be delivered to our rescue the next time she can get to one of their meet and greet events at our local pet store. We know it’s the right thing to do and are happy to join Dory in this great Halloween tradition she has.

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Hi everyone! It’s Millie & Walter here. We sure have a lot of great friends that sent us some wonderful cards for the holidays.

Thanks for sending Walter & I so many beautiful cards.

Thanks for sending Walter & I so many beautiful cards.

We love all our cards whether they came by snail mail or email.

We love all our cards whether they came by snail mail or email.

As usual our pawrents came a distant second on the card count compared to us but we have to say that most of their cards came from doctors and companies they do business with.

E-card from our pawrents dentist

E-card from our pawrents dentist

Seriously dad...a car care company?!

Seriously dad…a car care company?!

It’s just a little pathetic what lengths our pawrents will go to up their card count. Well here is the final result.

Final Christmas Card Count Board for 2015

Final Christmas Card Count Board for 2015

As you can see we totally kicked butt on our pawrents. Here is a look at all our cards (including our pawrents).

Can you pick out your card?

Can you pick out your card?

Thanks again to everyone that sent us a card!

Thanks again to everyone that sent us a card!

We love participating in the Christmas card exchange and seeing all the beautiful cards.

Don’t forget to start sending us your stamps when you think you’ve received all your Christmas cards. Just leave a comment if you need our mailing address. Thanks to those of you that have already sent your stamps to us.

Save Those Stamps Icon

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Hi everyone! Today is Valentine’s Day and also the big dance that the Mayor Doods are hosting for all of us.

Heart to Heart Dance

I, Walter, am attending the big event with my girlfriend Tuiren.

Don't we look great!

Don’t we look great!

She sent me a wonderful Valentine’s Day card today. I hope she doesn’t mind if I share it with all of you.

tui&waltervday2015 - lr

I love you too Tuiren and if I’m lucky I might be able to steal a kiss later today at the dance.

Millie decided to go stag this year (since our mom never tried to help her find a date) but she heard a couple of silver misty grey guys were going together and is hoping to get a dance with both of them. She especially hopes she gets to wish Goose a Happy Birthday with a dance.

Millie is ready for the dance

Millie is ready for the dance

Well we better get going. We don’t want to miss out on any of the action or any of the good food and fun. Check out the Mayor Doods blog for links to all the fun.

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Hi everyone it’s Millie & Walter here. Today we are honoring our second Mayor Emeritus of Blogville, Miss Madi, by sharing our boxes with her. If you know any cat you know how they love boxes. We looked around our house and came up with the perfect box for Madi.

Millie Walter - with box for Madi

We think this box says it all about Miss Madi. Even though we have never met her in the furs we bet she is soft and we know from her blog she sure is a crafty cat.

Millie - sniffing boxMiss Madi will love this box. It is very roomy and she can easily hide in there for hours of enjoyment.

Walter checking inside boxIf you want Miss Madi we can even add some holes for you to look out.

Soft and Crafty Box detailsWe wanted to give you a close up of the box so you all can see what it says. We think many of those check boxes fit our Madi well. We know she has “superior resiliency”, we have seen that her furs have a “smooth consistency” and we know you are “unconditionally guaranteed” to have a good time when you visit her blog.

Sarge is hosting Madi’s Box Bash at his blog so be sure to hop on over there to see all the other boxes people have given to Madi. Thanks again Miss Madi for your great work as our Mayor for the past two years.

P.S. We apologize to all our readers that receive our post in an email for the empty post you received earlier. That’s what happens when your secretary starts to work on a post, schedules it to post, and then never comes back to work on it. Sorry Sarge but our mom deleted that first post and unfortunately your comment with it.

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Hi everyone it’s Walter here. We are well into 2015 but I wanted to let you know how our final Christmas Card count for 2014 turned out.

Official Christmas Card Picture for 2014

Official Christmas Card Picture for 2014

We sure ended the year with lots of cards. You all did a great job in filling up our wall. Thanks for everyone that sent us one either through snail mail or by e-card. We printed all of those out too. So here are the final totals:

Millie & Walter

42 Snail Mail cards

22 e-cards

Total Card Count – 64

Mom & Dad

14 8

Final card count board

Mom keeps a white board with the current tally on it. The parents got a few more legitimate cards since my last report but dad tried to slip a couple of totally bogus ones in. Let me show you what I mean.

Exhibit A - New Year's Card from Driveway Sealer?

Exhibit A – New Year’s Card from Driveway Sealer?

Seriously?! First it is a New Year’s card which isn’t really a bad thing (we know some of our Blogville friends did send us New Year cards), but this one is from the guys that seal our driveway. Like we said before, cards from businesses don’t count. This last one was a real stretch.

What The Heck?!!!

Exhibit B – What The Heck?!!!

Dad tried to doctor this junk mail from American Express into a Holi-Day card. What the Heck?!!! Come on dad you really are taking this a bit too far. Millie and I just shook our heads and walked away and then made sure this so called card ended up where it belonged…in the trash!

Thanks to everyone for sending us your stamps. We have heard from a few of you that some are still on their way. If you need our mailing address just ask in the comments.

Mom wanted to let everyone know that if you want to save stamps all year you can send them to us whenever you feel you have a big pile and don’t want them around any more. That is how we got the picture of the stamps below. Those were all the stamps we collected during the past year after we sent our Christmas stamps in. We are going to make a new tab at the top of this page with all the information soon.

Save Those Stamps Icon

Thanks again to everyone that sent us a Christmas card this year and for all those stamps.

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